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After the Wedding – Gifts and Thank-You's

After the Wedding – Gifts and Thank-You's

Opening the wedding gifts is an enjoyable and exciting task of the newly-weds. This is often done either just after the reception celebrations or after the couple have moved in to their new home and after the honeymoon trip. This is an exciting part of the post-wedding period since wedding gifts are things which are provided to be useful for the new couple. The gifts are usually something that are relevant and useful – so much more so if you have previously developed a present or gift list.

It is to be expected though, that some of the gifts will be duplicated such as fine china or bed sheets or covers. This is of little concern in many cases but where the gift can not be made useful you may wish to consider a return or exchange. The person giving you the gift will usually have access to the sales receipt and may even change the gift for one which suits your requirements.

Some couples prefer to list down the specific gifts they have received from the various people who attended their weddings. This is to ensure that everything is accounted for in case that they want to personally thank the guests for the wonderful gifts they have received. In fact, you SHOULD thank everyone if possible. It is right and courteous to do so. Some couples may indicate beforehand in their wedding invitations that they would prefer to receive cash because this is more practical and avoids duplication of gifts – only you can judge your personal preferences. People do, however, prefer to give gifts. It feels more personal.

Showing your appreciation to your guests for their attendance or for the gifts you have received, whether it was in the form of household appliances, other useful things, or cash is another important thing to do after your wedding. Simply by writing a short note saying "thank you" will be enough to let your guests know that you appreciate their contribution to the success of your wedding.

The responsibilities attached to a wedding do not end with its celebration but spills over even after the wedding.

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