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After the Wedding – Saying Thank You – Toasts and Favors

After the Wedding – Saying Thank You – Toasts and Favors


The celebration of a marriage will not be complete without the help and participation of all the people concerned with the wedding. Some people who have married or have been involved in the preparation of one certainly know the hardship that planning a wedding entails. Therefore, it is just and proper that the newly married couple show their appreciation to all those who were responsible in making their dream wedding a reality. Although saying "thank you" after your wedding can be expressed in so many ways, the personal touches of the bride and groom are a nice bonus in the manner that they express their gratitude.

One way of saying "thank you" after your wedding is through the wedding toasts that are performed during the reception. The best man will give a toast and he offers it to the bride. The maid of honor will give a toast to the groom and the father of the bride will make a toast to the newly-weds. The couple, in turn, will have the opportunity to be the ones to say "thank you" in what is called the "return toast". Since the groom and the bride are not allowed to initiate a toast in their honor, the return toast enables them to offer a toast to those people whom they would like to thank such as the parents of either the groom or the bride or both, the wedding entourage and even to all the guests who witnesses their formal entry into the life of a married couple.

Aside from the wedding toasts, the distribution of the wedding tokens or the wedding favors to the attendees is another way of saying "thank you" after your wedding. In any given wedding, guests are excited to receive these favors or tokens since serve as a remembrance of the memorable occasion. During the wedding preparation, the bride and groom are expected to personally handpick or decide on what favors or tokens to give out. In some cases, the word "thank you" is written on the favors or tokens, but this is not necessary. As long as you give each guest this memento, it already symbolizes the couple's appreciation.


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