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Antigua – Fulfilling Your "Ancient" Caribbean Wedding Dreams

Antigua – Fulfilling Your "Ancient" Caribbean Wedding Dreams

In Spanish, Antigua means ancient. It is also an island that serves as a perfect wedding Caribbean destination in the West Indies. Known as a luxury Caribbean escape, Antigua is the perfect place to get married and to tie the knot. Although the name means ancient, the idea of ​​having a wedding at this beautiful and romantic place is not at all ancient. In fact, it is becoming as one of the most thought after wedding destinations in the Caribbean. If you are looking for a fun and adventurous destination for your wedding, then you might just have found the perfect place.

With 365 white sand beaches plus the wide array of activities and things to do, many have fallen in love with this Caribbean destination. The choice of places to stay and the great service from the staff at the establishments in Antigua will certainly make your heart fonder and will further strengthen this island as your choice for a wedding Caribbean style. Take note, before you do get married in this paradise, it is important for you to know the requirements to make the wedding official.

There are certain fees that you will need to pay for the ceremony and the marriage license. The fees include a registration fee of $ 40.00, a Special License fee of $ 150.00 and a marriage office fee of $ 50.00 if you plan to have the wedding outside of the courthouse. It would be best to know what all the requirements are and complete it as soon as possible before you even pick a hotel for your Antiguan Wedding.

To be on the safe side, you can always hire a wedding planner to manage the paper work for the issue of the marriage license. The planner will also take care of your other needs like booking the venue, accompanying services and ensuring that every detail for your Caribbean wedding is taken care off.

Cheers to your joyous union in Antigua!

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