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Are You an October, November, December Or January Bride?

Are You an October, November, December Or January Bride?

Winter months are a great time of year to get married. The nights are drawing in and everywhere starts to feel really cozy.

October brides can still get away with light and often strapless dresses as October days can still be quite warm. Equally, if you marry before the end of the month, you will still be officially in the 'summer'! If it gets cool in the evening you could wear a light pole or pashmina to keep yourself cozy. In terms of colors, you may be inspired by Autumnal tones of orange, golds and browns. Aubergine and purple colors also look fantastic at this time of year. Although most Octobers are warm, watch out for the odd rain shower; invest in a cute bridal umbrella just in case!

November brides are guaranteed to be fiery ladies and there is no excuse for not ending your evening celebrations with a fabulous fireworks display. Depending on the time of day you are marrying, the air is much cooler in November and it really starts to feel quite wintry. Therefore, best to go for a warmer bridal gown, or one that at least has a matching bolero or shrag that you can take off indoors. Unless you are blessed with naturally dark toned skin, skin can look paler and wintry by the time November comes as holiday tans have long gone. On this basis, keeping shoulders covered is no bad thing, especially in an unheated church! This time of year is generally associated with wintry nights and fireworks so play on this with your reception décor. Why not give guests sparklers and light your reception tables with pretty candles?

December brides will always have a fabulous wedding as the promise of Christmas is just around the corner. Touches of deep red are bound to make an appearance on bridesmaid gowns, floral arrangements and table décor. There is a great deal of choice when it comes to winter gowns; check out the bridal stores for sumptuous rich and heavy fabrics. You will feel every inch the Christmas princess in an opulent winter gown. Some brides even go for velvet cloaks to travel in and out of the church and reception venue. This may sound like a corny idea, but if you pick one in a deep red, you will look nothing short of sensational! Why not give Christmas crackers to wedding guests and have mini decorated Christmas trees on reception tables?

January brides are full of excitement as are their guests. January can often be a flat time of the year and by having a wonderful wedding to celebrate, this really lifts the mood. The only downside is that you can not afford to indulge too much over the Christmas period otherwise you will not get into your dress! Talking of dresses, a plush, rich fabric would be ideal. Anything goes in terms of bridesmaid colors although stay away from colors that are too spring-like as January is a bit early for lighter dresses. Plums, Reds, Golds, Deep Pinks, Orange or Sage Green would be far better choices for this time of year.

Whichever winter month you choose to wed, it is a warm, cozy and romantic time of the year to tie the knot.

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