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Arrive in style for your wedding

Author: micheal-gane

Arriving in Style

We have covered some of the more expensive areas with regards to starting your planing were now going to move onto the smaller items that are needed to make your wedding day run smoothly.

Every Bride wants to arrive in style on her wedding day, you look fabulous, absolutely beautiful, now you want to step out of that limo and wow your guests!

Ive photographed wedding where the Bride has arrived by helicopter, now thats style however its naturally not Brides choice and yes it can be quite costly and of course it does depend on the venue!

You as The bride and of course the Groom will require some sort of transport from where your getting ready she is getting ready to the ceremony. The bride and groom need to be taken from the wedding to the reception if your wedding day is in two locations?

As a wedding photographer with many years of experience, the transport can range from all the guests to a friend’s car, or a hire car complete chauffeur.

So why not begin with asking yourself – What type of car are looking for?

Maybe you have a particle themed wedding, maybe a vintage theme, so a vintage Rolls Royce would be perfect or if you are more into the film star wedding, how about a Limousine, where all your beautiful Bridesmaids can step out in style with you?

What sort of journey are you looking at, a short trip from the bride’s house to the wedding ceremony to the reception can work out quite expensive but we need to remember were looking at it from the car owner’s point of view, they need to keep the vehicle maintain all year round.

Weekend wedding’s provide high demand during the summer, and car and chauffeur can only be booked for one customer.

Maybe some questions to ask would be.

1)What type of car(s) do you have?

2)Can we come and see the car(s)?

3)Can you take the bridesmaids first and then come back for the bride?

4)What is the price for hiring the car for the journeys we require?

5)Do you charge extra if the timetable for the day over-runs?

6)If yes, how much extra?

7)Do you book more than one wedding per car per day?

8)What contingency plans do you have in place if something goes wrong beyond your control?

My tips, I photographed a wedding a few years ago where the Groom and best man were arriving on a tandem, the theme of their wedding was very Parisian, great fun however the client forgot to mention this very important detail to me, I always arrive two hours before the guests arrive and because of this, I caught this fabulous event for the happy couple, so my special tip would be, let your photographer know well in advance should the groom be arriving in style too.

Author: micheal-gane

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