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Bride's Attire Checklist

Bride's Attire Checklist

Here's a Checklist of items to make sure you have ready to wear on your Wedding Day.

Wedding Gown- This will be what everyone ooh's and ahh's over, and the centerpiece of your outfit. Everything else will complement the dress. Decide wherever you want formal or more casual, traditional white or ivory, or something modern with a bit of color.

Veil- There are many styles to choose from. Find a length and style that matches your dress style. If your dress has a splash of color, you can find a veil with a matching color trim.

Blusher- This is the part of the veil that covers your face as you walk up the aisle. Not everyone uses these now, but it's a great traditional look. This might be part of the veil, or it might be a second veil that's placed in your hair in front of the longer one.

Headpiece- This is your chance to wear a tiara. Find one you love.

Hair Pins (if needed) – Fancy hairpins can add a lot to your look. Find some with pearls, or ones that match your dress or just your personality. If everyone knows how much you love butterflies, why not have a few small silver butterflies worked into your hairdo.

Jewelry- Your groom may give you a gift of jewelry, so keep that in mind. Tell him ahead of time what you are planning on wearing. Pearls are a classic choice, but go as fancy or as simple as you like.

Gloves- If you choose to wear them, elbow-length white gloves are very classy.

Shoes- Make sure you can walk in your shoes. I've seen brides in white flip flops- I think that's a great idea. Make sure you wear your shoes at your dress fitting. They're going to be mostly covered by your dress, so do not stress too much about these. You're going to be standing a lot on the big day, dancing, walking around. You do not want terrible blisters for your honeymoon.

Wrap or Coat for winter months- A white velvet cape would be lovely, or a white faux fur wrap.

Small Handbag- Keep your essentials in here, such as lipstick, breath mints. You probably will not carry this for most of the day, but it is nice to have.

Petticoat / Slip- This is going to vary with the type of dress you have, but you will want something to go under the dress. The petticoat can add a lot of fullness to the skirt.

Bra / Lingerie- This is another thing to make sure you have with you for your dress fittings. Something supporting that does not peek out of the dress, that does not slip or fall, and that you can breathe in.

Hosiery- Do not forget to get some nice quality hose.

Garter- Do not forget to buy a garter if you wish to do a garter toss at the reception.

This is a good general checklist. Your needs may vary, but these are the basics of bridal attire.

Source by Minnie Sullivan

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