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Choosing Your Wedding Reception Food

Choosing Your Wedding Reception Food


Planning a wedding is never an easy task. Smaller weddings even have the added task of which foods will be served during the reception. Planning the reception menu will usually revolve around the wedding theme. The menu also should be planned for the time of day, time of year and location of the event.

Morning wedding receptions can be a fun way to start a day. Food served during this type of wedding can include many breakfast type foods. Belgian waffles and choices of fruit toppings can be prepared for any type of wedding. For a more casual wedding, having a buffet loaded with eggs, bacon, sausage, gravies, fruits and more can make it a nice way to fill your guests up. Coffee, hot tea and orange juice are the main beverages that should be served during the morning reception.

Afternoon wedding receptions can be done in an elaborate or a simple theme. The food for the afternoon affair can be as simple as cake and punch or a full meal option. Foods served at this time of day tend to be lighter than ones given in the evening or in the morning. Finger sandwiches and pasta salads are great options for this type of reception meal.

Elaborate weddings should have a reception to match it. This is usually a sit down type affair that is catered. Foods can include a meat, usually fish, beef or chicken, salad, a warm vegetable and dinner rolls. The drinks served during a more elaborate function include champagne, wine (red or white depending on the main course) and coffee.

Country weddings are always a fun and very casual event. The reception food is usually created with this theme in mind. The food served during the function usually contains bar-bq meat (of any kind), corn on the cob, green beans, pasta salads, potato salads and more. This can be presented in a sit down style but, keeping with the casual theme, a buffet style set up would be better. Drinks served during the country reception are usually beer, coffee and punch.

Winter receptions can be beautiful. The food served during the event should be warm and could include foods for the season. Stews and soups are great starter foods at this type of event. Main courses can include a baked ham and / or turkey as well as all of the trimmings. Warm punch and coffee is also great for a winter wedding reception.


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