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Designing a Budget Planner Worksheet

Designing a Budget Planner Worksheet

To design out your budget plan worksheet, you can either use Excel or Word.

1. You should decide on a budget schedule according to your pay periods and bill due dates.

2. Next, divide the worksheet into budget categories – income at the top followed by salary, bonuses, decisions, business profit, investments, etc.

3. After point 2 is complete, complete the rest of the categories – must pays, family necessities, needs, pocket money and emergency.

4. Type in the budget types – savings, household, automotive, entertainment, personal allowance.

5. After sorting out your income and expense categories, make two columns at the top of the worksheet for entering the budget amount.

6. One column should be for 'projected amount' and the other column should be for 'actual amount'.

What you have to do is the fill in the 'projected amount' column. Then subtract the projected budget expense amount from income totals to get a balance estimate. You can make necessary changes in the budget planner amount and balance the works again. Keep tracking the spending in the 'actual amount' column.

With the budget planner already under way, let us see how important the home budget spreadsheet is.

While making your own home budget spreadsheet, keep the following in mind:

1. It is easy to use; come on, you are doing a small home budget and not the budget for a multinational company or a government department!

2. It is a flexible data representation – you can represent the data in different ways to make analysis and making decisions easier.

3. In order to make immediate and quick calculations, an on-hand calculator is available that can be used in the absence of a calculator at home.

So, before making the spreadsheet, consider the above three points. In any case, nowdays every housewife seems to devote time to work out this spreadsheet!

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