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Flower Girl & Ring Bearer Duty "Twists"

Flower Girl & Ring Bearer Duty "Twists"

Yes, you've seen them before – cute little curly-haired flower girls with baskets full of flower petals and streaming ribbons, proudly flinging from side to side as they make their way forward. Or maybe the stiff, tiny tuxedoed ring bearer boys making their way upfront like soldiers, with a girly ring pillow in hand … Tradition, right ?!

Having a little person in your wedding party is fun and guests love it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with traditional flower girl and ring bearer duties for the ceremony. But are you curious about other ideas? There is one question you'll need to ask yourself. Do you want them to actually do something functional, or just be there to look cute?

Functional Ideas – spread petals, hand out flowers, blow bubbles, light candles, carry rings, carry a Bible, pull a smaller child in a wagon, release butterflies, ring small bells, sing a song, walk dogs down the aisle, carry the back of the bride's wedding dress train, etc.

Look Cute Ideas – hold a 'magic wand', have their own bouquet, hold baskets, dance down the aisle, wave ribbons on a stick, arm-in-arm walk with each other, dress as princesses, ballerinas or superheroes (add a cape to their tux), wear some sort of wedding theme-related costumes, etc.

Kids feel so special to be a part of a wedding, and guests just love 'em. Get them excited about their duties, and get them a nap beforehand. That's the recipe for happy flower girls and ring bearers, and that's a happy bride & groom too!

Source by Krista Dunk

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