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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Music

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Music

Want some advice on choosing wedding music? We have it here for you! These tips will certainly make your wedding music choices go smoothly.

Make it easy.

Do not have the time or the energy to plan out all of the music for your wedding? Leave it up to the professionals!

This could probably be the easiest way to choose wedding music ever. It all depends on the musicians that you hire. Are they seasoned wedding musicians? If so, then they already know what songs are typically played during both the ceremony and the reception.

This would not be advised if you had gotten a stranger off of the streets to play at your wedding. However, you hired them for a reason. You have already established their credentials and their professionalism!

Choose musicians wisely.

You do not have to leave it ALL up to the musicians. Look over the song lists provided to get some ideas. Remember that you can be creative when choosing wedding music. You do not have to stay will all of the traditional wedding songs!

Make a list of ceremony and reception songs that you like. Take it with you when you interview prospective musicians. Choose the musician that can accommodate the most songs on your list!

Is there a song that you absolutely want played, but it is not on their list? Ask them (far in advance) if they are willing to learn it.

Is it necessary to have a song for everything?

No! You do not have to have a dedicated song for cake cutting, wedding reception introduction, bouquet toss etc. Remember what we always say, "It is your wedding. It is perfectly acceptable to have your reception musician continue playing background music while these events are happening.

Have you already planned every song?

That's great too. Here are some tips to help everything go smoothly.

1. Make sure your ceremony and reception musicians can play every song you have requested.

2. Keep in mind that you want your music to flow. For instance, you may not want to jump from a hip-hop song to Elton John!

3. Write the songs down (in order) and give it to the musicians. For the reception, put someone in charge of letting the band know when certain events are happening.

Some people prefer to give reception musicians an indication telling them to play certain songs at certain times. When the bride and groom hear the cake cutting song, for example, they know it is time to cut the cake.

This is a viable option but consider that there may be other factors that come into play. You may be in a conversation, freshening up your makeup, etc. YFor this reason you may prefer to have a designated person communicate with the band. That way you and your husband can cut the cake, toss the bouquet, etc. on your own time.

4. Have fun with it! Choosing wedding music should be fun, not a job!

Fun ideas to consider when choosing wedding music.

– Use nontraditional songs for outdoor weddings. A friend of mine had a fabulous idea for an outdoor wedding: Have your bridesmaids walk out to At Last by Etta James! Fun, sassy and chic!

– Change the words of a song to reflect you and your husband! A personalized wedding song! How great is that! (Make sure that the person who is singing it has PLENTY of time to prepare.)

Whatever music you choose for your wedding make it personal. Do not be afraid to be a little different and unique. Most importantly – Have fun!

Source by Heather Robinson

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