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How to Plan a Stylish Wedding

How to Plan a Stylish Wedding

To have a truly stylish wedding you need to look at the details. Things that go beyond the dress, flowers and location. Much deeper choices that alone do not make a difference but when bought together create a style for your wedding that is all your own.

Choosing the proper color pallet is vital to a stylish wedding. Your colors are what you will base all your decisions on from invitations, flowers, wedding party attire, decorations and the cake. It can even flow into very small details such as the color of the cocktails that are served or the lace that holds the rice / seeds that are thrown as you whisk yourself away for your honeymoon. Whether you go for a theme or just pick colors that inspire you the choosing of the color pallet is you first step.

First look to the colors that you and your spouse love the most. Once you have decided on one or two you can build your pallet with colors that harmonize. If you have never really had a favorite color a great place to start is interior design and decorating magazines, a great source of inspiration. They are experts on how colors work together to create moods in physical spaces. This can help you to decide what kind of mood you want your wedding to inspire.

With your color pallet in place you can now focus on your wedding cake. Today the options for your wedding cake are endless. You are no longer tied to the classic tiered white cake. This is a chance to let your own unique style truly shine and create a delicious work of art that is sure to make for some great photos.

While the classic cake is round some of the most popular shapes are currently octagonal, square or hexagonal. These shapes are best suited for a casual wedding. These simple shape changes can give your cake a modern look at classical prices. Regardless of shape how the cake is decorated is essential to a stylish wedding.

Color can also be your friend in this situation. No longer are you limited to white frosting. A cake decorate in this modern time can blend a color especially for you wedding. The cake can then be decorated in whatever theme you choose with ribbons and flowers or intricate designs of frosting.

When using flowers there is a big trend into fresh flowers. Fresh flowers are going to give you the best and true colors. They will give your cake an artistic and elegant flare.

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