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How to Plan Your Wedding

How to Plan Your Wedding

It's the big one. You want it to be right. You want everything to go smoothly. You want to remember it fondly … forever.

Something like that does not just happen. You have to dedicate time, effort and energy to create the perfect wedding. You can do it, but make sure you give yourself enough time – and money! – to create the most memorable, beautiful, perfect wedding for each of you. After all, the memory will last a lifetime!

A year is the usual amount of time recommended to accomplish this. The budget is whatever you two decide upon, remembering that you do have a year to put aside money from time to time.

Use the checklist below as a guide for your perfect wedding. The items are listed in order, so that the first ones should be accomplished right away.

1) Church or Civil Wedding?

If it's a church wedding, talk to the appropriate church officials as soon as possible. There are lots of details to go through just to get this part right. Be patient! It'll be worth it!

2) The Reception

This may take a long time to arrange, so start arranging it right away. Talk to different caterers and go see the possible venues. Gather all the costs and information you can!

3) The Dress

If you have not got a theme yet for your wedding, you may want to fix on one at this point. A Renaissance theme, for example, is a popular one, and it makes all your decisions easier, such as the type of Dress – and tux!

4) The Pictures

Some of the best wedding photographers book over a year in advance, so get right on it!

5) The Flowers

They can be as meaningful as you want. Set aside some time to research the meaning of flowers, as well as the cost.

6) The Rings

No single wedding-related objects are as important. Spend the time and money you must get the rings that will express your love for a lifetime.

7) The Invitations

The guest list can make or break a wedding and reception celebration. Take your time on this one!

8) The Honeymoon

You can dream about it through the year, but at some point you will have to decide. Make it a place you both are crazy about, then book it!

If you've gotten this far, the rest is only logic. Follow through, and it'll be a piece of (many-tiered?) Cake!

Source by Jeanette Pollock

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