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I'm Engaged! Now What?

I'm Engaged! Now What?

I'm engaged, so now what? That is the big question is not it? Getting engaged is a big deal. It can be romantic or exciting, even unexpected. However, once the initial happiness of the engagement is over, many women start to panic; they do not know what to do next. Even women who pretty much know how a wedding works and the general things that must be done still feel a little flustered or overwhelmed when thinking about tackling all those tasks.

The first step is to take it slow. Take a deep breath and relax. First you should figure out what needs to be accomplished first and how much time you have. The only way to figure out how much time you have is to set the date, or in the very least, set a general time frame. Once you know how many months (or weeks or years) you have until the big day it will be easier to plan the wedding.

Secondly, you should make a list of everything you have to do, or consult a premade wedding checklist. Start with the basics, set your date, inform your parents, immediate family and everyone else close to you that you are engaged and start thinking about the wedding party.

Finally, decide what your budget is and stick to it! Remember there are a lot of things that go into a wedding, all of which cost valuable time and money. These items include the place of the ceremony, the person who is performing the ceremony, the reception location, food, cake, flowers, and liquor. Those are just the base essentials that you will need for your wedding day; let us not forget clothing, invitations, limo service, hotel rooms for out of town guests, etc. I am not trying to overwhelm you but it is important that you choose your budget based on the facts.

If you took any advice to heart from this article I would say the best advice is to read and learn all you can. Talk to friends and family who have gone through planning weddings, go to the local library and bookstore and use the free resources on the internet to your advantage. Remember this is a wonderful day that you are planning, but a lot goes into it! Let others help you and try to enjoy each minute as these memories can not a lifetime.

Source by Pamela Kazmierczak

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