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Is the Economy Hurting Your Wedding Plans?

Is the Economy Hurting Your Wedding Plans?


It's hard to ignore what's happening with the world economy right now. It's making people really worried about their finances. And when you're planning a wedding you're already mega concerned about your budget so this just escalates things majorly.

And it sucks!

Here you've been dreaming of this amazing wedding day your whole life and NOW is the time that the economy has to go all wonky ??? Did not the global economic forces realize we were engaged ???

Well there's no doubt that the timing is frustrating. You had a lot of plans and dreams and now you're not sure what to do. You want to be frugal and economically savvy but you also want to have a fantastic wedding.

The good news is, that you can do both!

Planning A Wedding In Today's Economic Ecosystem

I want to provide you with 4 surefire tips on having a fantastic wedding and not letting the current economic issues get you down:

* Recession Proof Your Wedding – A lot of brides and grooms go deeply into debt for their weddings. Right now with the markets being the way that they are, that's a little more than scary. But I'd say do not be afraid of making some credit card purchases for your wedding but definitely stay in control. I would not advise you to take a line of credit out against your house to pay for your wedding right now. The best way to recession proof your wedding is to figure out what you can realistically spend on your wedding (chat with your parents about this too) and then stick to it. Cut down your guest list rather than trying to penny pinch to fit in your office office floor. A smaller guest list will give you more room to make your wedding look lavish

* Watch Out For the Quick Buck Vendors – Yes you want a good deal but now is not the time to be booking with anyone who hangs up a sign. You need to pick people who are well established and have financially secure companies that have been around for awhile. How horrible would it be to give someone a big deposit and then not be able to get a hold of them again? I've seen this happen even when times are not tough but with people trying to make the quick buck right now you need to be extra careful.

* Be Smart With Your Wedding AND Lifestyle Budget – It's important that you make a budget for both your wedding AND your life and then stick to it. This will help you feel in control and confident with all your decisions.

* Be Resourceful and "Resourcefilled" – While you want to be resourceful and find great deals you also want to be resourcefilled. That means you have a bunch of resources to pull from that will help you achieve your ultimate wedding look. A wedding planner can really help you with this because they know great sellers to work with and they also have great resources for frugal items and sometimes even vendor discounts. Although hiring a wedding planner can take some room in your budget in the long run a wedding planner can really save you time and money.

When you're figuring out how to have the perfect wedding in today's economic situation do not get frustrated. Just take it one step at a time and you'll come out on top. Although it can be challenging to plan a wedding when there is so much negative press about the economy it can definitely be done. Sometimes it helps just to turn the TV off and stop listening to the negative. It certainly does not help anything listening to it. This will let you make your decisions based on your own feelings rather than based on fear because of something you heard on the news.


Source by Ciara Daykin

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