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Party Planning Software Guide

Party Planning Software Guide

If you've been asked to plan the wedding of a family member or a friend, but after a hard, honest look at all that's involved, you feel totally overwhelmed by the task, relax! If the couple or their parents have the budget for it, they can hire a wedding planner to take the load off your mind and the burden off your shoulders. Let a professional plan and manage every aspect of their wedding for them. There's one catch to this simple solution, however: wedding planners can be very pricey and are not recommended if the wedding must fit a limited budget-which means most weddings and most probably the one you were asked to organize.

This leaves you, the most caring, most organized person, with the big job. What do you do? You use wedding planning software, of course, the same as the professionals do! And the good news is that programs not only exist to help you organize a wedding, but also to price and plan a corporate picnic or dinner, a company party, a bar-mitzvah, a theme party, a stag party, or a celebration to mark a 25th wedding anniversary.

And you'll need the software, because the person who dropped the task into your lap will somehow expect you to manage every detail of the event without a snag. They will not understand that with so many plates to spin, that there's no way to avoid something going awry: either the caterers will drive the food to the other side of town, or someone's favorite cousin will not be invited or there'll be a budgetary overrun. Murphy's Law dictates that if you're organizing a major event on scraps of paper or a notebook, that somewhere, somehow, some plate will stop spinning.

If you want to overturn a disaster before it can even think of happening, be so prepared that there's nothing left to panic over, and be praised as the most organized party planner in your workplace or your family. And if you want folks to marvel that you managed to make the whole event happen within budget, do yourself a huge favor and spend the thirty-or-so bucks to buy some party planning software. You're not adept with computer programs? No problem. Modern party-planning software is very user-friendly.

This software will earn its keep the very first time you use it, and you'll wonder how you ever managed without it! It has templates for a whole range of parties and each template divides the event into logical categories such as themes, decorating, food, drinks-even transportation and entertainment, if either are required. Naturally, every category can be tailor to work with the budget you were allotted. The beauty of its budget calculators is that every time you make a change, they re-calculate the costs into totals and a grand subtotal. To help you clearly visualize what percentage of your cash is still available to work with, it generates graphs. And just as you might have hoped, its "To Do" section lets you know what tasks remain to be done.

If, however, you enjoy planning weddings most of all-or if you're called upon to organize an ethnic wedding-you'll be pleased to know that specialized wedding organizer software exists dedicated to the wide array of marriage ceremonies; it will remind you of every aspect of every ceremony for Christian weddings, Jewish weddings, Muslim weddings, Buddhist weddings, and Hindu weddings. Its budget section is designed to keep your expenses from taking on a life of their own, and its stationary software lets you design and print reception cards, pew cards, etc. Spend some time looking over different programs to compare their features that will apply to your needs.

If you want to spare yourself headaches, panic attacks, and budget overruns, buy yourself some party-planning software. And when the first event is over and the accolades start coming in, people will be sure to remember what a great job you did, so hang on to the program. You'll need it to help plan another party, and another and another and another!

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