Friday , 29 May 2020
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Plan For Your Best Holiday Photos!

Plan For Your Best Holiday Photos!

Thanksgiving is coming and the holidays are right around the corner! Plan now for the photos that will capture your holiday memories!! Whether you are planning your wedding, or are already building a family, your photos should tell your story!

Telling your authentic story is important, and with the holidays upon us it’s time to remember to focus on family…. on life….. and love….. and holding dear those you cherish.

Yes, plan now for holiday memories!

Promise yourself that YOU will be in the photos you take! Ask many Mom’s and Dad’s who will tell you that they were so busy taking photos that there just aren’t many photographs they’re actually IN!!!! Promise that even though a). your  hair is a mess   b). the house is a mess   c). you don’t have on makeup or   d). you’re not in the mood——– that you pause! Stop. Rethink!!!! BE IN THE MOMENT….. and include yourself in that holiday photographic memory.

The reminder is to us all and it bears repeating — this season when our hearts are full and our spirits light, we are the keeper of the memories, US. We’re the ones!

Be in the Moment.

Take lots of photos, be IN the photos……. capture memories not only for yourself and your immediate family but for those future generations that will come after you, the people you can’t imagine because you haven’t even met them!

Lastly, have those photos PRINTED. We tend today to have a bazillion photos in our phones but we don’t actually create hard copies. Those printed photos are the ones that last! They last past your phone upgrades, your iPhone crashes, your Android losses, and the endless scroll to find the photo you remember taking. Print your photos and keep them in a book. There’s no need for elaborate scrapbooking unless you love that sort of thing…… file them in an archival box with a good labeling system, or make a simple book that will hold your memories. Print books at the end of the year if you like, there are some good sources that will print small volumes of special memories.

The point is to remember that we are the stewards of tomorrow. We need to make sure that those who follow us in life remember who we are, what we stood for, how we laughed and how we cried.

It’s important. It’s everything.

Plan now for holiday memories!!!

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