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Plan Your Wedding Music

Plan Your Wedding Music


The music is a wedding's heart and soul. Selection of the music to be played, from the wedding rehearsals, ceremony up to the reception, must be made by the bride and groom. The music must manifest their love for each other and how they look forward to living their lives together. Leaving the decision in other people's hands will result in a less than perfect wedding feel. Plan your wedding to perfection by planning your wedding music!

Pre-wedding Affairs . Start your wedding in the right tune by selecting the ideal music for your engagement party and wedding rehearsals. Start these matters by playing songs you both love. You could choose timeless love songs like 'Our Love is Here to Stay' and 'Only You'. If you are both movie buffs, you can play the soundtrack of your favorite movie. You just have to make sure that they are also eligible for weddings. A few song ideas are 'Unchained Melody' and 'When I Fall in Love'.

The Ceremony . It's the big day. Walk down the aisle in a perfect rendition of your favorite love song. Music for your ceremony should be romantic but it needs not to be solemn through and through. You can choose songs that are both romantic and a bit live to complement the setting and style of your wedding.

The Reception . Now that the ceremony is over, it is time for some serious fun. Hire a live band to make your wedding party cool and refreshing. You can have them start the reception with soft music to relax the guests. Once the toasts and talks are done, it is time to get people to the dance floor. Get your live band to play the perfect mix of danceable tunes from jazz, swing, to funk and rock and roll.

One of the secrets to having a perfect wedding is playing music that you and your guests will enjoy. So, crank up your wedding repertoire and be sure to get the perfect live band to play your wedding songs!


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