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Planning A Laid-Back Outdoor Bridal Shower

Planning A Laid-Back Outdoor Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are traditionally planned by the bridesmaids and hosted by the maid of honor. However, there is no strict rule regarding this tradition anymore. In fact, many moms are now helping when it comes to food and financial matters. Planning a bridal shower nowadays may also involve men. It can be held anywhere, as long as it is comfortable and can accommodate the guests well.

Most bridal shower these days are theme based. But if you are planning one for a good friend, the type of bridal shower that you will need to organize is something that reflects her personality. If she’s an outdoor-type of bride-to-be, it would be ideal to bring that concept into her bridal shower.

Planning an outdoor bridal shower doesn’t have to be wild nor serious. One great idea for it is to make it a laid-back style of bridal shower. The first thing you want to do is to look for a great outdoor venue for the party. Possibly, a great choice of venue has trees to provide shade, and of course toilet facilities. It is also ideal to look for a venue that is accessible for vehicles. Some of the ideal outdoor venues include a local or national park, vineyard, family farm, or an old building. Do not forget to ask for permission to use the area and facilities to the authority.

Look for a nice spot where you can arrange tables and chairs. If you want to forgo the chairs and tables, most probably you will going to have a picnic type of bridal shower. This idea will require you to provide blankets for food and beverages and for guests to sit on. This is actually a nicer and more relaxed way to celebrate a send off party for the bride-to-be.

Laid-back outdoor shower doesn’t have to be boring. There can also be some fun activities and entertainment for everyone to enjoy. One fun idea is to set a photo booth and encourage everyone to participate by going through simple photo-shooting. This will not only give the guests a chance to know each other and give a bit of laughter, but it also creates fun memories that can be cherished for years to come.

Some bridal shower games would also be perfect to jazz up the entire party. Games that are easy to set up such as bingo and guessing game are just a few to mention. The winners of the games will have of course prizes which either in the form of shower favors or different types of gifts.

Before everyone leaves, don’t forget to give them nice tokens to show that their presence and effort were appreciated. For an outdoor shower, you may consider bridal shower favors such as small potted plants, scented candles, seed packets, mini notepads and pen sets, homemade jams, and many more.

Planning a laid-back outdoor shower doesn’t require plenty of bridal shower decorations. A few balloons, streamers, and banners will do. You can print out shower invitations at home. There are lots of free templates that you can get online. You may also consider homemade shower favors and gifts.

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