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Planning a Wedding at Home? 5 Things to Consider

Planning a Wedding at Home? 5 Things to Consider

Now that you are engaged and planning to get married you have many decisions to make in the coming months. One of your first will be: where to have the wedding. If you follow tradition you'll get married in a church or a rented location but perhaps you might like the idea of ​​planning a wedding at home.

While having a wedding at home sounds like an inexpensive way to stay within your budget there could be some unexpected cost. If you're not careful when planning a wedding at home it could actually cost more than a traditional wedding. Do not believe it?

Here are 5 Things to Consider Before Planning a Wedding at Home:

You Have to Rent Everything for a Home Wedding

You will have to rent everything and I do mean everything from the chairs to the tent, portable restrooms, silverware, tables, chairs and much more. Should I go on? You get the picture of how expensive it will be to rent everything you need.

You Have to Work Hard Planning a Home Wedding

Then there is the matter of work involved. Not only are you planning a wedding at home but you'll also be responsible for either doing a lot of the work yourself or recruiting volunteers, delegating, scheduling and overseeing all operations. Are you sure you really want to be doing that when you should be meeting with the seamstress to have your dress altered? If you are a super organized person somewhere you can manage all the planning without losing your sanity but if not, you should reconsider your wedding plans.

Planning a Home Wedding will Change Your Home

Your home will have to be transformed long before the wedding day. Can you manage all the activities with your home being in disarray amid the turmoil in the last days of planning? Furniture will have to be moved and stored elsewhere. Your home will need to be cleaned and spotless. Then it has to be cleaned again "after" the wedding. I thought you were supposed to be on your honeymoon? Joking besides there is the expense of hiring someone to clean up the mess. Do not forget the exterior. Need some landscaping with new scrubs, flowers or plants? Add it to the cost.

What if the Weather is Bad?

You'll need a tent for outdoors but what if the ground gets soaking wet and muddy? Things could get messy including your wedding gown.

Question to Ask Yourself

WHY do you want to plan a home wedding? What is your motive? Is your reason sentimental or financial? If it's financial I think by now you realize there may not be any savings in planning your home wedding. Is it possible to have a home wedding and save money? Of course it is but it will not be easy. If your reason is sentimental and you think you can manage all the planning activities and stress of hosting a huge group of wedding guests then proceed with your wedding plans. At least now you know a little more about what is really involved in planning a home wedding. When it is over, may you live happily ever after … after the wedding is over that is!

Source by Frances Robinson

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