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Planning Your Wedding – How To Get Started

Planning Your Wedding – How To Get Started

Once a girl gets engaged, she can barely wait to get to the nearest store and pick up as many bridal magazines as she possibly can. Here she will find scores of photos of rings, wedding gowns and articles about weddings. Some of these magazines might shed some light on how to go about planning a wedding, but you might still be unaware about the process. Organizing and planning well in time is the key to good planning.

First and foremost, create a system of your own where you can keep a record of all details. You can choose a tab binder for each category. Categories can be ceremony, bakery, florist, catering, reception, music, transportation and photography. Another choice is the accordion file that uses tables of the same category. Here you can see every category at a glance.

It is your choice which system you select, but you must use it in a consistent manner and keep a track of all pictures, receipts, business cards, brochures etc that comes under each category.

Once you have your system sorted out, you can begin research. There are a number of websites offering tips on planning for a wedding and you can also buy a number of books on this topic in the market. You can even visit a library to look for books on this topic. You could even ask any recently married friends of yours to lend you some books.

Next thing is finding a wedding time table layout. This includes a to-do list for the period before the wedding. One of the things on top of the list may be consulting your parents and fiancé about the budget and financial support if you are seeking any. Other items on your list maybe deciding whether you want an informal or formal wedding, the number of guests you want to invite and interviews with wedding coordinators. You can even make your time line on your computer.

Once you have a basic idea of ​​the details that go into planning a wedding, and the kind of time each detail takes, you can start asking your family and friends to help you. You can distribute some tasks among people helping you so that everything on your to-do list will be done by the time the big day comes.

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