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Taming Bridezilla

Taming Bridezilla

The stress of putting on what may be the largest (and most expensive) party of your life can be overwhelming. What should be a whirlwind of glowing romance and princess-like pampering can easily escalate into a tornado of shaky emotions and un-ladylike behavior.

Here are some sane tips to keep Bridezilla at bay.

Know what you want
Work with your fiancé to find out what you both want. Talk honestly with your parents and his about your desires. Stand firm on the very most important things and be willing to compromise on almost everything else.

Live in the now
Grab a calendar and figure out what needs to be done when. Ask advice from recent brides or go online to find timelines for the essentials. Write them on the appropriate date, circle it in red then forget about it. Check the calendar daily to keep on track.

Get physical
It's not just about how good you look (yeah, right). No really, starting or keeping an exercise routine is as essential to maintaining a good mood and bleeding off wedding tension as to fitting into that mermaid sheath dress.

Inhale. Exhale.
Find a yoga class that incorporates breathing techniques and guided relaxation into their classes and go weekly. Melding even a grateful of the asanas (postures) into your everyday routine will give you a sense of balance.

Above all, maintain your sense of humor. And if it's just too much, consider hiring a concierge service and let them handle the details.

Source by Laurie Brekke

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