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The Best Shoes to Wear to an Outdoor Fall Wedding

The Best Shoes to Wear to an Outdoor Fall Wedding

It’s that time of year again! No, not the time for festive holly and a man with a beard to slide down the chimney; it’s outdoor wedding season.

That’s right, we’re officially in fall and with fall, comes responsibility, particularly in the footwear department.

We’ve put together our go-to shoes for an outdoor fall wedding:

The Cowboy Boot

The cowboy boot is a cult classic. It’s effortless to dress down or up with a cowboy boot. Plus, cowboy boots are the best type of shoe for navigating uneven, rocky, or even wet terrain. Cowboy boots are an excellent option for an outdoor wedding.

Rothy’s has great options for flats and they’re sustainable. You can see more from their collection here.

The Flat

Ah, yes, the classic flat. Who doesn’t love a dependable and stylish flat shoe? Now made even more famous by celebrities like Meghan Markle sporting them at events, the classic flat is a must-have for outdoor wedding season. Whether you decide to go with color or play it safe with black or brown, flat shoes are sure to be your number one companion on and off the dance floor.

The Wedge

Depending on your geographic location or wherever climate change is in effect, the wedge may be a great shoe option for you. Wedges are known to provide the comfort of a flat while giving you the height and stature of a heel, which makes them perfect for an outdoor wedding. Wedges are also a great way to dress up an outfit and give it a little extra class.


The Bootie

Okay, okay, we LOVE the bootie. A hybrid between a full boot and a wedge, the bootie gives you the sleek and chic look of a boot while providing you the height and comfort of a wedge. It’s like the Hannah Montana best of both worlds of shoes. We adore booties for outdoor weddings, especially if it’s getting a little colder outside. Not only will the bootie keep your toes warm, but it will also protect from the elements, making it an excellent option for an outdoor wedding.

And there you have it! Our list of the best shoes to wear to an outdoor fall wedding. Now you can step out with confidence knowing that you’re prepared for whatever mother nature might throw at you.

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