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Three Tips to Having a Wonderful Honeymoon on a Budget

Three Tips to Having a Wonderful Honeymoon on a Budget


With so many things in life we ​​may want to pursue, a honeymoon on a budget is a great way to save some dough.

You and your partner set your wedding budget at a certain point in time. Long before the honeymoon comes into the picture. Most likely not only the costs of the wedding exceeded your planned wedding budget, but also the honeymoon you want to book surpassed it.
There are so many costs involved when having a wedding, and there are so many things that cost top dollar when it is for a wedding, that there is often not enough money left over for the honeymoon.

And yes, exceeding that first budget to have the honeymoon you want is perfectly valid and an option chosen by many people as well, but with a few handy tips we have got laid out for you, you might be able to have an absolutely fantastic honeymoon on a budget.
After all, married life with all its projects starts after the honeymoon and you want to have some money left over for buying a house together, house renovations, a baby etc. So have a look at the tips listed below to get an idea of ​​where you might be able to save money.

Honeymoon On A Budget Tip # 1: Off Season Deals

It is amazing what the difference in airfares and accommodation prices is if you book a few weeks out of season. So, try to avoid the main holidays. This might mean that you might have to postpon your honeymoon a month or two. Most people, especially the needy brides, do not like this idea, so a solution might be to have a great budget weekend trip immediately after the honeymoon and then have the real honeymoon two months down the track.

Honeymoon On A Budget Tip # 2: Do Not Take A Sea View

Again, it is amazing what the extra price tag is on a room with a view. Many beach resorts easily charge over US $ 100 per night. On a two week holiday that adds up. And after or during the honeymoon you realize that the time you spent in your hotel room was very limited because you were constantly at the pool, at the beach, having dinner, doing excursions, etc. So safe a few hundred dollars by letting go of the sea view.

Honeymoon On A Budget Tip # 3: Do Take A Honeymoon

However strained your budget is, we recommend you absolutely do take a honeymoon. After the few more stressful weeks before the wedding and the great day itself, it is important to spend that quality time with your partner.

Taking on extra debt or blowing up your savings just for the sake of a holiday, even though it is a very significant holiday, is not a great idea. A honeymoon on a budget using a few of the tips above might be the way to go for you.


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