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Wedding Centerpieces – 5 Great Tips to Consider

Wedding Centerpieces – 5 Great Tips to Consider

The Wedding Day is filled with the joy that goes along with all of the planning and, for many, the reception is not only a continuation of the ceremony theme, but is often a lavish affair that continues the theme in a stylish way. The Wedding Centerpieces can certainly add to that ambiance and, if you are not careful, can be a distraction to the Event.

The centerpiece is one of the most important part of the reception event as it is an extension of the theme established by the bride and groom. To have a centerpiece on each of the tables that is beautiful but not distracting can be a challenge. With that in mind, lets look at some tips that could help you in the process of choosing that perfect piece.

Tip 1: Continue the theme. There is nothing more frustrating that seeing a bunch of centerpieces that look out of place as far as the wedding theme goes. If you have a color theme that is noticeable then carry it through to the table centerpieces.

Tip 2: Be aware of who is sitting at the tables. Be practical here. Most times the centerpieces are flowers, which are acceptable. But where most fall down is having centerpieces that overwhelm and many times are much smaller than they need to be. If your guest have to strain to see who is across from them, it could be an annoyance.

Tip 3: Do not allow the centerpieces to be budget busters but do not let them look like an afterthought. A mailing balance here, no doubt, but you should not let a flower designer insist on making up elaborate centerpieces that end up breaking the bank.

Tip 4: Elegance and Style. It is better to have no centerpieces at all than have something just to have something. It lends itself to Tip 1, in that, you need to be aware of the theme but do not allow it look cheep.

Tip 5: Make the centerpieces part of the fun. Let them have an additional meaning by giving them away at the end in a fun way. The winner will cherish the centerpiece even more, especially if they win the honor of taking it home at the end of the festivals.

It's your Big Day and continuing the style and theme you set in every detail that you plan is especially important as you attempt to give your guest a fantastic experience and make them glad they came.

Source by Dave A. Southern

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