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Wedding Ceremony Checklist – 31 Questions to Ask Ceremony Locations

Wedding Ceremony Checklist – 31 Questions to Ask Ceremony Locations

A wedding ceremony is the most important aspect of your wedding day. You may already know the location where you will be married, or you may be considering several locations for the ceremony. Whatever the situation, you will need to ask the wedding location official some important questions before you book your wedding ceremony. Here is a list of questions you should ask. Not all questions may apply to you, or you may want to add additional questions to suit your needs.

Name and Location of Ceremony Site:

Name and Phone Number of Contact Person:

  1. What dates and times are available?
  2. How many guests can the location accomodate?
  3. (If applicable) What is the denomination of the facility? Are their any restrictions?
  4. Is an officiant available? And at what cost?
  5. Are outside officiants allowed?
  6. What type of ceremony will it be?
  7. How long will the ceremony be?
  8. Will there be special readings or passes?
  9. Can we select the readings or passes?
  10. Can we select the readers for the ceremony?
  11. Can we write our own vows?
  12. Are they any restrictions on our own vows or special word needed?
  13. Do vows need to be approved?
  14. Are they any pre-wedding classes or counseling we will need to attend?
  15. Are they any musical instruments available for use?
  16. If yes, is there a fee to use them?
  17. Are funeral musicians included in the site fee or is there an additional fee?
  18. Are their any music restrictions?
  19. Are they any photography restrictions?
  20. Are their any videography restrictions?
  21. Are candle lighting ceremonies allowed (such as unity candle ceremonies)?
  22. Are their any restrictions regarding rice, birdseed, confetti, bubbles or rose petal tossing?
  23. What floral decorations will be available? Are flowers allowed?
  24. When will the rehearsal be scheduled?
  25. How many parking spaces are available?
  26. Where is the parking located?
  27. Is their handicap accessibility?
  28. What rental items are necessary?
  29. What is the ceremony site fee?
  30. What is the payment policy?
  31. What is the cancellation policy?

Source by Erica Tevis

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