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Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

Are you in the mid of wedding planning and have yet to send out your wedding invitations? WHAT ?? When it comes to ensuring your wedding plans do not "go south", securing, addressing, and mailing your wedding invitations is second only to securing the church or whiche venue in which your will take place!

Before you can address your wedding invitations, of course, you have to have the wedding invitations you feel best represent you two as a couple, and the spirit of your love and commitment to one-another, so browsing of wedding invitation selections should be done with these truths in mind. And there are other wedding cards to consider as well, such as if you'll be holding a rehearsal dinner or bridal shower.

Once you have the details of date, place, etc, you really can not get your wedding invitations sent out too soon-six months on the outside, three months at the bare minimum. If yours will be a destination wedding, then you'll probably not want to make your notice any less than six months; people need time, after all, to be able to adjust their schedules … especially if your destination is far and on the expensive side. And some locations-especially the popular ones, like a city arboretum, for example, are often booked WELL in advance, so do not be shocked if you need to reserve as much as a year in ahead of time!

And if your wedding announcements will include a photograph of you two, you'll have to consider the photographer's schedule of availability as well as checking proofs of your poses, and a number of other variables that could pose potential delays in your schedule.

So if your wedding is more than six months away, but you do have a date in mind … or at least a month … go ahead and reserve your venue right away, and then get busy picking out your wedding invitations so you can have the details readily available to submit for printing.

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