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Wedding Planning Checklist – Must Have For Planning a Wedding

Wedding Planning Checklist – Must Have For Planning a Wedding

If the wedding chosen is to be a big affair with all the trimmings, the first thing to do is decide upon a location. Many people rent a hall or have an outside wedding if the occasion is to be held in a season that the weather permits this option. Some couples prefer to have a church wedding. No matter the location of the big day, there are plans to be made. After choosing the location, the availability has to be confirmed for the date and time chosen. If it is to be a church wedding, the couple most likely will have their pries or clergyman perform the ceremony.

The next step is the guest list. There are numerous family members to be invited. Some may have to travel to be in attendance. This list has to be carefully thought out, making sure no one is missed so as to prevent feelings being hurt. Once the guest list is complete, the invitations are chosen and sent. The bride has to choose a dress, which can be quite an experience. Bridal shops have many different styles of dresses to consider and of course they have to be tried on to get the right one. When the right one is found there are numerous connections to get the dress ready and looking perfect. Some brides choose to wear a gown that has been handed down in the family. If this is the choice, there still will be connections to alter the gown to make sure of a perfect fit.

The couple has to choose their wedding bands and the vows that will be spoken. Some like to stick to the traditional wedding vows, while others will spend time writing their own vows, or will have a combination of traditional with some of their own thoughts and feelings added. This choice is purely a matter of personal preferences and should be determined on together.

The bride has to choose her bridesmaids and they have to shop for dresses and shoes. They will decide on hairstyles and who is going to do them. Likewise the groom and his best man have to decide on their clothes and whether they will buy them or rent them. There are several shops that specialize in renting attire for weddings.

The chosen wedding site will have to be decorated with flowers and ribbons and whatever else is desired. If it is going to be an outdoor wedding creating pathways with flowers and ribbon is an option and it really looks beautiful. The flowers can be all one color or you can use a variety of colors whichever is suited to the theme that was chosen. Do not forget the bride's bouquet and groom's boutonniere.

The reception is another planning project from what will be served to what entertainment to have. Once again that is the preference of the bride and groom. Without the happy couple just decides to elope and miss all the fanfare, planning a wedding takes time, money, and patience.

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