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Wedding Planning – How To Make A Wedding Memorable

Wedding Planning – How To Make A Wedding Memorable

When we talk about wedding planning, we think about bride, groom, wedding cake, church, guests, toast and food. But all this happens in every one’s wedding, then why should people spend on the show that has been seen many times before? If you are the wedding planner then you should do something different or exclusive to make the wedding memorable. This is your chance to prove your professional skills and arrange a memorable wedding.

Theme; it is better to plan a theme for your wedding event; theme makes an event interesting and helps to unify the arrangements. You can arrange everything according to the theme for example from invitation cards to thanking notes. Your wedding planning would be easier; you would have a focused mind for decor, food and music even. So think of an interesting theme and plan the wedding according to it. Here are some different themes according to which you can arrange your event.

marine; it might be a common idea to arrange a wedding on a raft or a boat but you can bring a change into your event by creating difference; start with invitation cards; make invitation cards on rolling paper like old sailors used to send notes and mention the theme of the event; bridal dress should be replica of a mermaid; sea food should be focused more; master of the ceremony can wear a pirate’s hat or eye cover during speech to add humor; songs should be selected according to the theme. Slain Deon’s ” every time in my dream” is ever green song and it would go with the theme. Let’s talk about wedding cake! Instead of getting that typical wedding cake, get a cake in a shape of a huge ship that has many portions like wedding cakes have; newlywed couple would love to cut the cake and the guest would love to eat; highlight sea shells and pearls in decor.

Another theme is jungle party; send invitations on big dried preserved leaves or in shape of leaves to attract the guests; arrange a garden which can be given a look of jungle; arrange small tents or canopies for the guests; Bar B Q food served in hunters’ style; good thrilling music jungle music would bring energy in the event; song from ”lion king” would be good for end dance. Newlywed couple can send the thank you note in tiger print paper or paste an original quill on the thank you note. They can paste their wedding photo in a frame made up with animal skin to preserve the memorable event.

You can make an event memorable by arranging different themes and boost your wedding planning business; only you need to be aware of new trends and people’s interests. Remember never hesitate to do experiments; have confidence in yourself to think different.

Source by Owais Siddiqui

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