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Wedding Planning Ideas and Advice

Wedding Planning Ideas and Advice


A wedding can be exciting and nerve racking. You want everything to go off without incident as well as wanting your guests to enjoy themselves. You want to look back upon this day and the events that went into creating this day with pleasure not scorn. In this article we will give you some wedding planning ideas and tips to help your guests happy and make the day run as smoothly as possible for you.

A first piece of advice and wedding planning idea was gained from a friend of mine at her wedding. All of the photos were taken before the ceremony in the morning. True, this meant that everyone had to be ready that much earlier but it was one thing out of the way early and the photos were taken while everyone was bright and fresh. It also avoids the hassle of guests having to wait for you at the reception.

A second piece of wedding planning advice is to have disposable cameras on the tables at the reception. True, you will most likely have a professional photographer for those formal wedding shots but you will want photos of the r3eception as well. By placing cameras around you can get the guests to take the photos for you. This also lets them become involved in your big day.

A third wedding planning Idea and general piece of advice is to take a moment for you. Make sure you have some food available. The day will go by quickly and you are likely to get cooked up in a whirlwind of excitation. You'll also be talking to people that you may not have seen in a long time. You'll want to enjoy the day as much as anyone else so take a few moments out and take the day in for your own benefit.

Your wedding should be a happy occasion for both of you and your guests. By having a few simple ideas in place and taking some time for yourself you can ensure that your wedding day will be a day enjoyed by all.


Source by Ruth Whitlock

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