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Wedding Planning Tips – Creating Your Perfect Wedding Day

Wedding Planning Tips – Creating Your Perfect Wedding Day

Many brides-to-be tell me that they have dreamt about their wedding day since childhood. However, as we get older our values, beliefs, and desires change. The big white dress you once imagined wearing could now be a sleek ivory slip dress. The five hundred people you thought you would invite might now be a modest one hundred. Yes, these are all important decisions in the wedding planning process but what is more significant is the lifetime commitment you are making to each other in the presence of family and friends.

When it comes down to it, many newly weds will tell you how surprised they are that they can not remember more about their own wedding day. They spend so much time worrying about their guests, seating arrangements, the food, or Uncle Jack having a tipple too many rather than enjoying each moment with family and friends. The morale to this story is; not to worry about things that are outside of your control and conscious focus on relaxing and enjoying this special day together.

Have you thought of the following?

1. Have you discussed with your partner what do you want to feel, see, and hear around you that will create the perfect wedding day for you both?

Think it through and write it down. Let it reflect you and your partner's values ​​and beliefs. Be totally in the moment. Accept that you are going to feel a bit nervous and tense. Embrace it along with all the other emotions like excitement, happiness, and feeling loved.

2. What do you want your family and friends to feel, see, and hear around them on your wedding day?

Think about the overall memory of your wedding day that you would like family and friends to come away with.

3. Have you started a wedding planning journal?

Write down your feelings and ideas during the wedding planning process. A notebook is fine. Writing will help you to release tension and frustration if things are not going according to plan. Do not forget to write down the funny moments too! It is a lovely keepsake and you will read it in years to come together.

4. Are you taking time out away from the wedding planning?

Make a date with each other once a week or a fortnight to talk about other stuff that is occurring in your lives apart from the wedding planning. It will prepare you better for the "come down" many newly weds feel once the wedding is over.

5. When do you let go of control?

Once you have researched and agreed on venue, flowers, meal etc … Let the experts do their job. That is why you are paying them. They will appreciate that you have put your faith in them to carry out their duties and be far more obliging to any last minute little requests you might have.

6. Are you delegating certain jobs?

Do not try do everything yourself. Allow your close family and friends to help you. When you have given them that task, trust them that they will do it according to your wishes.

7. What will happen if you start feeling stressed?

Lighten up!
Not everything goes according to plan. Let it go. Remember your wedding is a celebration. The union of two people in love, making a lifetime commitment to each other surrounded by everyone you hold dear to your heart.

The Bottom Line:
Your wedding day will reflect far more about your values ​​and beliefs, both as individuals and as a union, than your taste in wedding dresses or the type of music you like. Let your personalities shine.

Source by Brigid Flynn

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