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Wedding Plans – A Supportive Checklist

Wedding Plans – A Supportive Checklist

Planning and execution of the wedding day can be both a wonderful experience and a nerve-racking task. In order to make the wedding day a perfect one, there has to be a lot of preparation that is indispensable. You got the responsibility of personalizing it. You got to do everything that you, your spouse and your wedding day is remembered for years all together. A great help in all the hassles and confessions of life is the preparation under wedding plan book and checkslists. Yes, checklists are indeed a huge support.

In a wedding, the best is to have a fixed book and the checklists drawn in it. As it is, a wedding's preparation has loads of things to be managed right at the same point. Multi-tasking is not everyone's cup of tea but still when it comes to wedding planning tips, in order to manage everything perfectly, checklist is recommended to be used.

Now a checklist can be about the schedules to be followed, the meetings and arrangements to be done or just about the completion of all tasks and their verification through. Everyone has his / her own way of maintaining the wedding plan book. But it is certain that it is extremely helpful in a better planning.

A sample is given below which would help you in knowing how it is carried out by most of us despite the final decision of personalizing it lies in your hand.

For a wedding party, the checklist goes like:

o Have arranged a singer / band?
o Is the wedding gown selected?
o Are there photographers, caterers, florists in your touch?

For the wedding day:

o Is the place / hall booked?
o Has the rehearsal dinner been announced and who all are coming?
o Are the return gifts been arranged?
o Is the provision of food / snacks / menu decided?

For the d├ęcor part:

o Is the caterer ready with all preparations?
o Where is the wedding cake coming from?

o Is the shopping of rings, apparels, gown, and jewelry done with?
o Have the rents been taken care of?

The wedding checklist proves to be very helpful as it keeps you on track. You can assign tasks to close ones and tick the assigned works and thus avoid confusions. You can involve everyone in the preparations. And make a schedule that you can follow and timely finish the work.

Source by Mike Peter Davidson

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