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Weddings The Second Time Around

Weddings The Second Time Around

Love is lovelier the second time around … so the saying goes. It is always a special joy to find someone special but after you've become a statistic, it is especially thrilling. Let's face it, finding someone who can handle the emotional baggage that comes from being a divorcee, and in some cases possibly becoming an instant parent, is not easy.

For those who have chosen to take the plunge a second time here are some advantages that you may not have realized you have:

– You do not have to wear an elaborate gown to your wedding. You can now wear a simpler gown without all the flounces and gewgaws used for young girls' nuptials.

– You are not expected to wear white as you walk down the aisle. You can get married in almost any color you want. Of course, there is a preference for the pale shades (getting married in black is still discouraged). Still, no one will look askance if you decide to get married in champagne colored silk or a gorgeous bronze gown that you advertised on sight.

– You are not expected to have a big elaborate wedding. You already had the big bash the first time around. Since you are paying for this yourself, you can indulge in just having an intimate wedding. As we all know, in the reality of life, it is better to have your closest and dearest present rather than all the people that you "must have present" but whose name you can not remember in just five years.

Of course, do keep in mind that while it is your second nuptials, it may be your fiance / e's first wedding. You may want to give them the lead since they may have wedding dream plans of their own (just as long as you are clear on the budget). You can be the guide since you've done this before and just help to make your event even more special.

Source by Lesley-Ann Graham

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