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What Theme Should You Use for a Couple’s Shower?

What Theme Should You Use for a Couple’s Shower?

For the bride and groom that like to do everything together, couples’ shower themes are all the rage. No tea parties or negligees to be found, the couple’s shower is the modern-day evolution of the true meaning of marriage: blending your separate lives into one. If you are a couple that has a lot of interests, the hardest part about throwing a couple’s shower may be trying to pick just one theme for your party.

From rock climbing to re-living your high school prom, there are many ways to thematically tie your love story together into one giant soiree. Here are a few crowd favorites that are sure to help you celebrate your life-to be in true-to-you fashion.

Garden Party Co-ed Style

Ditch the Hawaiian tablecloths and rum punch. Instead, take your garden party’s class quotient up a few notches by choosing to host it in the early evening amidst lit candles. Hundreds of tea lights and soft music can make for a dreamy pre-nuptial night. For added flair, tie in the garden party theme by asking your guests to bring their favorite seeds to plant in your garden. Have little plots already staked out with twine; each labeled with personalized moments from your own life. For instance, your oldest friends can choose to plant their seeds in the “young love” plot, whereas your family members can choose to dedicate their seeds to the “family tree” patch.

All Hail the Honeymoon

A couple’s shower that honors your honeymoon destination can be an exciting way to involve your guests in your anticipation for jet setting. This works best for those that have a unique destination spot. For instance, if you are booked to taste wine in Argentina (Malbec lovers unite!), you can host a wine tasting event that only highlights Argentine varietals. The food can be just as authentic with grilled asada and Chorizo to boot. Be sure that the music matches the cadence of the destination as well. Acapulco? Consider hiring a mariachi band and making fresh margaritas.

A honeymoon-themed couple’s shower is the perfect idea for those couples that registered for their honeymoon instead of traditional gifts. Showing your guests how amazing your destination is can get people excited about buying you excursions and pitching in for your hotel stay.

Outdoor Extravaganza

For the adventurous types, an outdoorsy couple’s shower may be the perfect fit. However, since some of your friends and family may not be as stoked as you are to summit the nearest cliff-face, there are some pedestrian ways to incorporate your guts-and-glory approach to life. Consider indoor skydiving. With several facilities around the nation, this option can appeal to any and all types of people – even those who never consider skydiving to be on their bucket list. If you are more of the hiking or camping type, ask a land-rich friend or rent a field in a nearby town. Bring in several different tents with lanterns inside for atmosphere and fire up a bonfire for s’mores. Hire a guitar aficionado to prepare some fireside sing-along-songs, and give each attendee a pair of carabineers with each of your initials on it as a parting gift.

It doesn’t matter what your couple style is, a Jack and Jill shower is the best way to throw the party of your dreams and having everyone able to attend. The trick is to be as creative and crazy as you both are and let the true essence of your couple personality shine.

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