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Beauty and Quality – A Karastan Carpet Review

When you are looking to buy a new carpet, quality should be the number one item on your list of things to look for. A beautiful carpet is definitely important, ... Read More »

An Inside Look At Dr Denese Skin Care

Dr. Denese Skin Care, founded in 2001, began as a way for Dr. Adrienne Denese, M.D. Ph.D. To find solutions to her own skin care concerns in terms of anti-aging ... Read More »

Sleeves and the Types

Raglan Sleeves: Raglan Sleeve is a sleeve that goes diagonally from the neckline to the underarm. Ideal for : It is ideal for ones who have broad shoulders. Puff Sleeves: ... Read More »

Bride’s Dressing Gown: Making You More Beautiful

Humans have from the very beginning craved for – Food, Clothing and Home. Clothing have very much revolutionized since the human civilization has started to develop and made their progress ... Read More »

First Visit to a Bridal Salon? How to Be Sure You're Prepared

In the mid of the sometimes hectic process of preparing for every detail to come on your wedding day, a trip to the bridal salon can be a welcome retreat. ... Read More »

The Kabuki Brush Definitive Guide

Kabuki brushes are mainly used in applying blushes and foundation and other powder based cosmetics. These are brushes originate from Japan, they were known to be used in Japanese theater ... Read More »

How To Curl Your Eyelashes – 7 Steps

Having dramatic eyes with curly and long eyelashes is a beauty point many ladies want or improve. Curling your eyelashes with an eyelash curler must be done properly if you ... Read More »

Macrolane Injections

Macrolane: A non surgical, safe, natural breast enhancing injections. Tired of wearing padded bikinis – which can be spotted a mile off? Or still busy stuffing your Wonderbra with chicken ... Read More »

Soak Away Your Stress – Bath and Beauty Tips and Recipes

The Art of Bathing Most of the time bathing means showering and it's really just about getting clean. Here, we're taking about the luxurious, relaxing kind of bathing. Bathing which ... Read More »

Kaftan Dress

Kaftan or caftan dress [or top] is basically two lengths of fabrics that are joined together vertically with space left for the arms and neck. It has become a stunner ... Read More »

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