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Options to Consider When Trying to Find a Gift For the Best Man in Your Wedding

Most couples know that on their wedding day, in addition to receiving gifts from friends, loved ones and wedding guests that it is also time for them to thank certain ... Read More »

Choosing a Wedding Dress For Your Body Shape

Like any bride-to-be, it’s easy to fall in the trap of having to find the perfect dress for your wedding day. Does such a thing exist? Yes, but it’s wise ... Read More »

How Do I Keep My Scalp From Showing Through My Thinning Hair? Tips and Advice That May Help

A loss of volume is often not the only problem that you have to deal with if your hair is shedding or thinning.  Depending on how long the problem continues, ... Read More »

Wedding Toasts 101 – the Basics & Tips

What would a wedding reception be without the traditional wedding toast? It’s like having a wedding cake without the icing. The wedding toast is a profoundly moving gesture, as it ... Read More »

1950s Hairstyles

1950s hairstyles emphasized traditional gender roles. While women’s hair was long, curled and high maintenance, men wore their hair in short, military-like cuts, or pulled down and away from the ... Read More »

Hairstyles and Dress on the First Date

Your meddling sisters have finally tracked down the "perfect" man for you and have arranged a blind date. Or you may find yourself entering the dating scene again after several ... Read More »

Themed Weddings – The Romantic Southern Belle Bride

There is a unique area in our country where life is genteel, ladies are still called ma'am and where men still hold the car door open for there dates. This ... Read More »

Groom's Style and Planning His Bachelor Party!

Men seem to be unsure in this department and sometimes do not really know what to wear for weddings, feeling that it is only the bride that is supposedly look ... Read More »

Tips on Choosing Men's Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are considered to be an outward symbol of the devotion that you have for your significant other. They are a part of almost every wedding and in most ... Read More »

Proper Hair Care For Natural Black Hair Styles

Hair is naturally organic and possesses natural beauty. Oftentimes, extensive chemical treatments like hair highlights, straightening, and too much relaxing causes the removal of the natural vitamins and oils from ... Read More »

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