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The Origin of Birthday Parties and How They Are Celebrated Around the World

Why do we celebrate birthdays and have birthday parties in honor of the celebrant? It all started when people took notice of the moon's cycles and made a system to ... Read More »

How to Write a Best Man Wedding Speech Toast

Best Man Wedding Speech Trust me, many calm and collected people who are great at public speaking, get nervous when they are asked to speak at their friends wedding. As ... Read More »

Things To Consider Before Going On A Date

When you go on that first date, that first impression is very pertinent. The way you are perceived by your date is determined by how you carry yourself and your ... Read More »


Ever wondered what wife swapping, swinger’s clubs and swingers lifestyle really mean? In a committed partnership but looking for some extra sexual excitement together? Swinging has become increasingly popular across ... Read More »

Types of Bridal Shower and Wedding Shower Favors

Bridal showers and wedding shower favors are dedicated to the people you keenly choose to attend the showers. The group you invite consists of the best of your friends thus ... Read More »

How to Decorate For Themed Weddings

Decorating for your wedding can prove to be one of the most time-consuming and often overlooked areas that you have to deal with. If you have a wedding coordinator, you ... Read More »

Ocean City Maryland Beach Weddings

A beach wedding is an ideal way to enjoy a fun, easy & stress free wedding. Most beaches are blessed with stunning natural beauty that result in fantastic wedding pictures. ... Read More »

Weddings Abroad – Pros and Cons

Your entire life you've dreamed of having a wedding that was unique; something that people would remember for a lifetime. And all your friends and family have used up all ... Read More »

Some Wedding and Wedding Guest Favors For Men

The two sexes may sometimes have varied needs and perceptions towards the wedding and unique wedding favors. Some favors are unisex or acceptable to both sexes but some lean more ... Read More »

How To Find The Right Wedding Cufflinks For Your Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are always beautiful occasions. A lot of couples choose to have their ceremony and reception by the sea. The spectacular combination of blue sky, soft sand, rolling waves ... Read More »

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