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Packing Your Clubs For a Golf Vacation

Packing Your Clubs For a Golf Vacation

It's easy enough to pack your suitcase with clothes and swimwear when you go on vacation. But if you're going on a golf vacation, it's important to find the best way to bring your clubs and equipment with you, and to do so safely.

Usually, when you play the green at home, you'll have your golf bag (a light stand bag if you walk, or a bulkier cart bag if you drive the golf cart). But these, obviously, do not do well during travel without you drive.

If you're flying or taking a train to your golf vacation, you probably will want a travel bag for your clubs, and possibly a small trunk for your shoes and other gear. Travel bags come in hard or soft covers, both with good padding to protect the clubs. And a locker makes it easy to keep your shoes, hats, tees, balls, and other gear organized and safe on the trip.

Some of the world's most prestigious golf courses are the ones you would most want to play on if you are taking a golf vacation. But many of these courses are private courses, open to members and prestigious guests only, and inaccessible (or expensive) to golfers visiting from out of town.

But do not let that stop you from enjoying some of the country's best golf courses on your vacation. If you are traveling during the peak of the season (generally summer), you will likely miss out. But if you are able to take your vacation during the off season, you are much more likely to get access to private clubs.

Of course, areas like Arizona do not have an off season, but temperate zones do. Call to find out if traveling in the fall can gain access to prestigious clubs and make for the perfect golf vacation.

Looking to hit the green for a golf vacation, without spending green by traveling to another country? The US has plenty of stellar locations for a golfing getaway. Here are 10 courses you will not want to miss.

  1. Edgewood (Lake Tahoe, Nevada)
  2. Mahaka Resort (Oahu, Hawaii)
  3. Red Sky (Vail, Colorado)
  4. Pine Valley (Clementon, New Jersey)
  5. Calusa Pines (Naples, Florida)
  6. Bethpage Black Course (Farmingdale, New York)
  7. Oconee Golf Course (Reynold's Plantation, Georgia)
  8. Cypress Point (Pebble Beach, California)
  9. Bandon Dunes (Bandon, Oregon)
  10. Augusta National (Augusta, Georgia)

Of course, there are dozens upon dozens of other qualified US courses befitting a golf vacation. But it does not hurt to start somewhere, and any of the courses on this list would be a great place to play. Whether you're looking in your own region, or across the country, the landscape of the US is ideal for golfers of any stripe.

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