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10 Things Men Secretly Desire… but may not say

10 Things Men Secretly Desire… but may not say

What exactly do men really want, need and desire in a relationship?

Women have asked this question severally in the past, are currently asking and will still ask in the future. Everything appears so complicated that women are not even sure what their men actually want. It appears they want a pretty lady with big front and behind today but then tomorrow, everything changes. It becomes a quest for a smart lady they can engage in intellectual conversations with. But what about the following week? The story changes all over again. Suddenly it’s all about finding peace and harmony in life.

Which ever way it appears, Men do have secret desires. Only that what they want in a casual or s*xual relationship is not exactly what they want in a serious relationship. What they want in a fl*ng can never be the same thing they want in marriage. They simply want more. The earlier you figure this out, the better you know and understand what a man really wants from his woman.

So here are ten things men s*cretly desire in a serious relationship… and of course… in marriage too.

1. Intimacy:

Men love intimacy. It’s no doubt that they’re obsessed with this. It’s just their biological make up and you wouldn’t blame them for it. If as a lady you tell them you don’t want such, they may pretend to be totally cool with the idea but deep down in them, they crave intimacy and surely won’t hesitate to go with a lady with similar desire. They want their women to be willing to get involved in the act of lovemaking with them. Intimacy goes beyond just s*x. Intimacy is closeness, friendship, emotions, bonding and understanding. Intimacy includes genuine feelings of affection.

2. Companionship:

is another thing men crave in relationships. They could show you
they’re okay living alone but if they really like and love you, they
would be nurturing the idea of you moving in with them. Although some
may not say this for fear of loosing their friendship with you. They want their women to be around them almost all the time, engaging in meaningful conversation and spending time together.

3. Stability and Reliability:

Stability and reliability are also crucial desires of men. Any man who wants a serious commitment looks out for a woman he knows can stick with him through thick and thin. One who has got his back just as much as he’s got hers. They avoid ladies who can easily run off to another man when the going gets tough. They want a partner they can always trust and rely on, definitely not a fair weather friend.

4. Emotional Support:

Many men would try to deny this fact for fear of being labelled weak and fragile. But come on, these men are still humans with emotions and blood running through their veins. They may keep this sensitive secret desire away from you, but as a lady, it’s important you become sensitive to your man’s needs. Study him properly and know when he is in his weak and low moments. Be his shoulder to lean on and cry. Baby girl, Be His Peace and Harmony! They want to know it’s okay to open up to you, tell you their faith, fears, likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses without being judged but understood. Men need their women to be able to lift them up and hold them close when things are rough and when things are smooth. They want to know you will always be there for them no matter what happens.

5. Good Looks:

It’s no news that men are driven by what they see. Men love women with good looks. You musn’t have the best of shapes or be the most beautiful or become the s*xiest woman on planet earth before you become appealing or attractive. Bath and brush properly, take care of your skin, hair, clothes, accessories, walk majestically, be elegant. But in all your gettings, please have some manners too. Speak politely and act courteously. Take care of yourself and you become attractive. Some men may have cleanliness issues but it doesn’t change the fact that they desire clean and neat women. But oh! Don’t become neat just for the sake of some man out there, learn to be clean and neat for your own sake too.

6. Private Space:

In as much as men love to be kept company, they also love it when you give them some space.
Giving a man his private space and some alone time helps him unwind and
meditate. He also relaxes and calms his nerves down while trying to
think ahead, figure out certain things, make objective plans, think
about the future and reason properly. Giving a man the space he needs
also allows him do the things he loves. Dear women, know when your man
needs some private space and be willing to give him that. He will love
you more for it.

7. Love and Pamper:

Men need to be loved just like every other human. Men like forming and appearing strong always. But beneath that masculine exterior lies a delicate crave for true love, genuine feelings, sincere affection and the desire to be pampered. If you doubt this, try petting and pampering your man, then study his facial expression. You would be surprised to see excitement showing all over his face and also the babyish attitude that may even come up at the moment.

8. Appreciation:

As humans, we love it when we get appreciated for the things we do. Men aren’t any different. Appreciation goes a long way in making the heart of men merry. They want you to notice the things they do for you and be shown appreciation in return. They want to know that their genuine care and efforts towards their loved ones and their relationships are very much appreciated by their women. When your man goes out of his way in order to put a smile on your face, he secretly yearns to be praised, thanked, valued, adored and sincerely appreciated in all of his doings. Don’t hesitate to shower him with these secret desires of his. He’s surely worth it!

9. Taking Initiative:

Men are like the head. They love to be in charge. In as much as they love to lead, they still like it when their women initiate things. They want to feel wanted, desired and needed too. Babe, bring in new ideas to the table. They may not voice this out, but they don’t always want to be the one initiating s*x. As the lady, once in a while, surprise your man. You musn’t wait to be asked before you do certain things. You musn’t always sit and wait for him to start something before you follow suit. It’s always s*xy, alluring and romantic when the woman initiates lovemaking. Take the initiative in bed and show him how much you crave to have him. Take the initiative in your home and show him how much you want him, need him, desire him and value his efforts.

10. Mutual Respect:

Men love to be respected. They place it in a very high regard. Men crave respect more than they crave love. They need their women to respect, cherish and hold them in a very high esteem. Ladies, be very mindful of the way you address your men especially in the public. Respect his body, decision, belief, ideas, values and morals just as much as you respect his person. Give him peace of mind. Men hate it when their ego gets bruised or when they’re being challenged, at home or in the public, most especially when it’s coming from their partner. They feel highly insulted in such cases. Respect is like food to them just like s*x is. None is even negotiable. Gorgeous Babes in the house, learn to respect your men to the core and have them cherish and respect you as well. Besides, when we love, adore and value someone, we should respect them right? Of course we should. Great! So it is then.

So now, we
know the core things our dear men secretly desire in every relationship.
So we the ladies should be very sensitive to these needs and give our
darlings what they crave. There is no true love without giving remember.
We bet they would equally give us what we secretly want and desire in
return. That’s Love In Action!

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