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10 Romantic Ideas For Anniversaries

10 Romantic Ideas For Anniversaries

"Your anniversary marks the day

When you both said "I do",

The two of you became as one,

A marriage bright and new. "

Every one of us would like a partner to share, a companion for life, as humans are social creatures. Romance keeps relationships alive, happening, deepening our intimacy. Romancing makes you fall in love all over again with your mate. An anniversary is an important occasion that comes just once a year. Your anniversary is a time for sharing your affection: it's obvious the two of you have a deep connection. So here are some romantic tips that you can follow to revive the romance in your marriage and show your partner how much you care for them and love them:

o Send a different romantic card, complete with romantic notes inside; on the days prior to your anniversary and on the big day give the anniversary card with flowers or gifts. You can include thoughts of love, romantic memories along with hopes and dreams for your relationship in the coming year.

o History please: spend a little time putting together a wedding day memory book with you photos right from the start when you were dating till that day with some notes attached to them.

o Throw a surprise party. Invite all your near and dear ones and the people special to your partner like childhood friends, teachers etc.

o Treat your partner with a luxurious spa day. Give them compliments on how they looked completely changed and beautiful.

o Make a surprise dinner, lunch or breakfast with their favorite dish along with a surprise gift.

o Turn your home into paradise and decorate your rooms with themes, or rent a suite and decorate your rooms with your romantic vacation theme.

o Take your spouse on a surprise holiday or weekend. Just the two of you on your same honeymoon, to bring back the wonderful memories.

o Surprise your sweetie by decorating their cars. Fill the cars with balloons, petals. Write a 'Just Married' across the back window and tie a few aluminum cans to the bumper. Wisk them away in the car to celebrate.

o Organize a vow renewal in same place where you tied the knot.

o Count the years. It is traditional to celebrate an anniversary with the gift that symbolizes the number of years a couple has been together.

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