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3 Low Budget Wedding Ideas – Plan a Wedding on a Low Budget Successfully

3 Low Budget Wedding Ideas – Plan a Wedding on a Low Budget Successfully

A low budget wedding does not have to be cheap and nasty. With a solid foundation and some easy ideas you can get the dream wedding you deserve at a fraction of the cost.

If you want to plan a wedding on a low budget then here are 3 free low budget wedding ideas to get you started right away. Get the basics right and the rest will follow

  1. The Family & Friends Network
  2. Get digging now and see what your friends and family really do. Find out about their jobs, skills and hobbies. You will probably be surprised how many useful contacts you can find. The power of 'mate's rates' should not be overlooked. Perhaps you have a mother's friend who owns a florist? A friend who works in a graphic design company for invitations? This is what I did and saved a bundle. The possibilities are endless if you dig a little.

  3. Decide What is Important To You
  4. Budget weddings are just that. They should not be cheap and nasty. This is going to be you big day, so decide now if there is anything you do not want to cut down on. Keep it to one item and fix your budget. Use a wedding budget calculator to finish your figures off and make sure you stick to it. Know where you can economize without ruining your dream.

  5. Be a Happy Taker
  6. Emotions run high for weddings and you may get fed up of everyone offering advice and help. Do not let it get you down and try not to get annoyed. Friends and family mean well and love to help on such a day.

Choose someone you trust to organize them doing all the small stuff that you should not worry about and that will not affect the important things. Everyone is a winner that way and no one feels left out.

This goes back to the solid idea of ​​"Do not sweat the small stuff". Manage the large, critical items and delegate the smaller tasks to the army of willing volunteers

You can save valuable time and money on your most important day.

Why sweat about your wedding, when you can feel free to enjoy it, safe in the knowledge you will not be paying for it for the next 20 years

This is just 3 of a range of low budget wedding ideas you can use for a successful low budget wedding

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