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Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas

Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas

So you're looking to have a wedding cake that's a little bit different. People choose to opt for alternative style wedding cakes for many reasons whether it's because they want to make a statement or simply because they are just not big cake fans.

So what is the alternative to the traditional tiered wedding cake?

If you are not a cake lover there is always the cheese wedding cake. This is where several different types and sizes of chairs are stacked on top of each other to represent the tiered wedding cake. It is often decorated with grapes and fruits in much the same way you would decorate a traditional wedding cake with flowers. The great thing about this wedding cake is you are able to add the final cheese course onto your menu. After the bride and groom have ceremoniously cut it of course!

Chocolate fountains have become increasingly popular wedding cake substitutes. Not only do you get that sweet desert style course you also provide a great source of entertainment for your guests. Many brides who opt for a chocolate fountain wedding cake worry about not getting that classic photo of the bride and groom cut the cake. Do not worry, liase with your chocolate fountain supplier before hand and you can have a ceremonial switch on. Think of all those wonderful photos of the bride and groom's faces as the chocolate starts to cascade down the fountain.

Individual cupcakes and individual boxed cake slices are also providing a popular alternative to the traditional wedding cake. When placed on a tiered stand these individual cakes make a stunning spectacle. The individual nature of these cakes makes them ideal for serving. Boxed wedding cake slices are also very easy for people to take home as a memento of the day if they are just too full to eat it at the time. Some couples decide to have a small cake on the top tier just so they are able to have the cutting of the cake ceremony.

You could even consider having a one-off sculptured cake commissioned. This option requires the skills of a highly proficient cake baker or chocolatier. These cakes are often created in the form of funny caricature representations of the bride and groom, definitely only for the couple with a good sense of humor. This is also a good wedding cake choice for people with an alternative wedding theme such as a gothic wedding. A mystic world of dragons and castles can be created by a skilled confectioner.

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