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Autumn Wedding Decorations Ideas

Autumn Wedding Decorations Ideas

Are you looking for autumn wedding decorations? For couples who decide to marry in the fall, there are many different ways they can choose to decorate for the wedding ceremony and reception. There are usually two distinct ways to go about this. Being Subttle – You can just add some subtouches to remind your guests about the beautiful season you are marrying in. Go all out – For some brides, being subtle is not the way to go. If you want to be dramatic and celebrate the fall season in all aspects, this is totally acceptable as well.

Autumn Wedding Decorations – Flowers

All weddings have flowers. Sometimes they are real and sometimes they are silk. Some weddings have an overabundance of beautiful bouquets, centerpieces and floral arrangements, and at some weddings the flower count is much more limited. However, flowers are useful, beautiful and can make great decorations.

They are fabulous to turn a once empty ceremony or reception location into a beautiful and welcoming room for your guests to enjoy. You do not even need to add a lot of floral accents to magnify the beauty or romantic qualities of a specific location. A few strategic places arrangements will do.

So what kind of flowers work best for autumn weddings? Well many brides will start by choosing the color schemes that they want to use. For this stunning season you will probably want to use color combinations that include red, orange, yellow and brown. These colors will be remarkably beautiful and stunning together! Of course many brides also choose to use in season flowers, which will allow you to save money. Some flowers which are either available during this season or all year long for your autumn wedding decorations include:

• Asters
• Baby's Breath
• Calla Lily – Mini
• Carnation
• Chrysanthemum
• Cosmos
• Delphinium
• Freesia
• Gardenia
• Heather
• Hypericum
• Iris
• Lavender
• Lilies
• Lily of the Valley
• Marigold
• Orchid
• Rose
• Snapdragon
• Statice
• Yarrow

Autumn Wedding Decorations – Centerpieces

There are many different ways that you can create beautiful centerpieces for your wedding. Of course you can continue with the whole flower motif and garden motif. You can either choose to make your centerpieces beautiful flower arrangements. You can either use the same colors and flowers of your wedding bouquets, or different ones. If you choose to use different flowers you can either be completely different, or use ones the compliment the bouquets.

For instance, if your bouquets are red, brown and orange, you can make your centerpieces white and yellow. You can use tall, lush centerpieces for a dramatic effect. Of course if you want your centerpieces to be a little closer to what your guests saw at the ceremony you can just make them bigger and expand upon them. You can use the same colors with different flowers. There are many things you can do with floral arrangements.

In fact, many couples decide to add other elements to these arrangements to make them even more special. For instance, instead of using a traditional vase you can use things that are more quirky and fun. For instance, you can always put the arrangements in pumpkins or gourds. Or you can use flowering pots, mason jars or other unique items as vases.

Along what you put these floral arrangements in you can add in other elements. Some common elements include placing the arrangements on mirrors, or adding candles nearby. Below the actual flowers you may use flower petals, beads, leaves or other small items scattered nearby. These types of additional elements can also become centerpieces on their own. You may also want to design centerpieces around photographs, mementos, honeymoon location and more.

Autumn Wedding Decorations – Other Ideas

Of course you can use other things as decorations through the ceremony and reception. Here is a small list of ideas to get you started:

• Use colored bows (fall colors) on the pews or individual chairs at your reception.
• Scatter flower petals on the aisle runner
• Use wreathes with fall flowers and colors at entrance ways.
• Create a bridal arch or a door arch with fall colors. You can use leaves, figs, berries, flowers or balloons.
• Place pumpkins and gourds where they will be seen.
• Give out seasonal wedding favors – they can double as decorations for the tables.
• Create a fall themed wedding cake or autumn wedding cupcakes.
• Have a dessert bar with trips made from apples and pumpkins.
• Decorate with colored tulle.

Hopefully, these autumn wedding decorations ideas will help you out a great deal. Good Luck With Your Wedding Planning!

Source by Pam Kazmierczak

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