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Baby Scrapbooking Idea

Baby Scrapbooking Idea

Being pregnant for the first time is quite an adventure, especially when it happens sooner than expected. A few weeks after an inoxicatingly fun wedding reception, surprise! We're having a baby!

After the initial shock and wide-eyed-what-do-we-do-now looks, we got used to the idea and the excuse for this life-changing event began to grow, as did my belly. And it's quite a shock on your system. There's the back pain, swelling ankles and itchy stretch marks. But when you feel and see your baby move and shift, those symptoms disappear for the moment.

But, you can never forget the first sharp pain of a contraction, especially when it happens while eating dinner in a nice restaurant and then trying to make it to the car without causing a commotion. Luckily, the hospital was just down the street, and as it turns out, I was there for two days while our baby slept through labor. This, of course, caused the doctors some concern and decided to do a c-section.

And after what seemed like hours, we heard and saw our new baby, pink and chubby with squinty eyes. Six days later it was time to go home to try and settle into a new routine. When you leave the hospital they want you to bring in the car seat and the baby leaves fastened in it. When we arrived at home we surprised if we could really take care of a baby because we had forgotten to fasten the car seat into the car!

This jolted us into the reality that it was not just the two of us anymore. And after all the baby showers and visits from friends and family were over, we could finally relax and focus on loving and learning from this new little person in our lives.

As learned in this story, when you first become pregnant, you have all kinds of emotions. Take this time and use it to come up with the perfect baby scrapbooking idea. Turn the emotions into words and design your first baby scrapbooking page.

Source by Vera Raposo

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