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Baby Shower Safari Decoration Ideas on a Limited Budget

Baby Shower Safari Decoration Ideas on a Limited Budget

Hosting a toddler baby shower, like a Baby Shower Safari, for a friend or family member is an extremely challenging task for the hostess trying to keep within budget. As a hostess, it is easy to get carried away with your safari decoration ideas in your efforts to create the perfect event. One area to look at when planning a baby shower safari where you can save some money is in the decorations.

Once you have selected a theme, like a baby shower safari, you will have a better idea of ​​the type of decorations that will be suitable for the event. A baby shower is typically a casual and fun event, a time to "shower" the mommy-to-be with the necessities she will need for the coming birth of her child, so you do not want to use extravagant decorations. Instead, try using inexpensive, yet tasteful accent pieces that will enhance the theme.

A baby shower safari theme is very popular, because it is a gender-neutral theme, and can easily cater towards a baby boy or baby girl. In this case, a few stuffed animals borrowed from family and friends would make perfect accent pieces. One can easily envision monkeys, jaguars, snakes and exotic birds in the jungle, but do not be afraid to take creative license and incorporate animals not typically found in a jungle setting such as lions, zebras and giraffes – they add an extra splash of color and dimension to your theme.

Speaking of color, I love decorating with balloons for all festive celebrations. Balloons come in a large variety of colors, sizes and shapes – with enough knowledge and determination you can create an elegant ballroom setting or a magical wonderland! And all for a fraction of what you would spend using almost any other method. Besides a few well-placed helium inflated balloons, I like making balloon animals like monkeys, snakes and teddy bears coupled with potted plants as centerpieces.

Super Fun Tip:

Get a group together and hand them each a balloon filled with helium (untied). Have everyone inhale simultaniously from the helium-filled balloons, and then belt out a few lines of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" as the guest of honor enters the room. Hilarious! You'll want the video cameras rolling for this. Oh! And stash away the balloons once you inhale the helium so as not to tip-off the mommy-to-be as to what is about to happen. Timing is very important to pull it off correctly.

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