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Bridal Gift Registry Question And Answers

Bridal Gift Registry Question And Answers

The Bridal Gift Registry is a terrific way to let your wedding attendees know what the bride and groom would like to receive as a wedding gift. The general idea is to decide on a single store or maybe a few stores, create your registry, select the items from the store’s merchandise and then notify the wedding guests.

Where to Register?

Most department stores and other retailers that sell wedding gift related merchandise have a free online wedding gift registry.

You can register at more than one store, which can give a good variety of wedding gift ideas for your guests. It’s a good idea to register at one major department store (Macy’s, Target, Bloomingdale’s), then one or two specialty stores (Bed Bath & Beyond…). Any more than that may make it difficult for gift buyers to recall. Be sure to check the store policies regarding returns of items purchased through your wedding gift registry.

When Should You Register?

You should register a minimum of six months in advance of your wedding day. Registering that far in advance will also give your guests time to purchase pre-wedding event (bridal shower) gifts. If you register earlier than 6 months, you run the risk of stores discontinuing some of the selected gifts.

How Many Wedding Gift Items to Select?

Do not hesitate to add many items to your wedding gift registry. You’ll need to add several gifts per invited guest to give a wide variety of items to pick from. Don’t limit yourself, this is your chance to get everything you need!

What Type of Gifts to Register?

Register for items you plan to buy in the near future anyway. Most registries include all the items you will need to stock your home after the wedding. Some items include: bed and bath, formal and informal china, flatware and cookware, home appliances, luggage and home furniture.

What Price Range to Select From?

Be sure to select from a wide price range of gifts to accommodate all your wedding guest’s varying budgets. Some buyers will prefer to purchase several lower priced items. Place some higher priced gifts for those guests who will buy combined or ‘chip in’ gifts.

How to Inform The Guests About Your Gift Registry?

Never announce your wedding gift registry in a shower or wedding invitation. It is never proper etiquette to ask for or expect a wedding gift. Pass along the registry information by word of mouth through family members and friends.

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