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Do It Yourself Weddings – 5 Ideas to Make Your Own Wedding Decorations

Do It Yourself Weddings – 5 Ideas to Make Your Own Wedding Decorations

The excitement of your wedding can overwhelm you. Do not think big, think lots of small. If you do any crafts at all you can incorporate that into your own wedding decorations.

Here are 5 projects you can do to make your own wedding decorations:

  1. If you sew you can make little pouches, iron on decals you make on your computer and fill them with candies. You may use mints, butter scotch candies or even little candy bars. You can buy the dark color t-shirt transfer paper. Print out a nice name and date. Cut it close and then peel it off the backing and iron it on your custom pouches.
  2. You can sew some custom place mats for a smaller wedding. This can make almost any theme easy to follow. Sometimes a table cloth from material. An easy sewing project. Even napkin rings can be made and wrap the plastic silverware with a cloth napkin.
  3. Make a large candle add a large globe and surround it with silk flowers. This will protect it from the outside but still allow a decorative centerpiece. Be cautious with candles. Some halls will not allow candle burning so check first. Some candles can just be pretty enough that you do not have to burn them just use them for decoration.
  4. If you make candles, why not make some and attach a tag that says something nice with your names and wedding date. Perhaps a poem about burning and thinking of you two. You can use your imagination. Almost all women love those candles. These can add color and make nice favors at the same time
  5. If you crochet or knit why not make some tiny ornaments that can be given. These can be given anytime of the year. I collect Christmas ornaments all year. If I go on a trip and see an ornament I like to use it to remind me of the trip. Others can use those ornaments to remind them of your wedding. Again these will add to the decorations and still provide a favor for your guests.

You can come up will all kinds of ideas. It can be fun to make your own wedding decorations. I love to use the t-shirt transfer paper for small projects. It can take something basic and make is personalized.

You can hand paint items for centerpieces, if you can paint any at all.

The do it yourself weddings are becoming popular. They save money and give you an opportunity to make your own wedding decorations. This may start a fun tradition of having a craft party when a family member gets engaged.

With so many crafts becoming popular you really can have some fun. So if you are planning some do it yourself weddings, consider the idea to make your own wedding decorations. It can be fun.

Source by Mary Redfoot Harnetiaux

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