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First Scrapbook Crop – Packing Strategies for a Successful Crop

First Scrapbook Crop – Packing Strategies for a Successful Crop

So you signed up for your very first scrapbook crop. Now what? Do not panic, there are several steps you can take to ensure that your first scrapbook crop will be a success. Planning, organization and packing the right supplies will make your first crop a success.

1. What to Bring:

Must Have: album, photos, paper, a trimmer, adhesives, embellishments, scissors, marks and other tools (hammers, eyelet setters, etc.)

Optional: cup holder, extra light source, snacks and cash

2. Planning: It is best to plan ahead which pictures you plan on scrapping. Based on your picture selection, gather themed embellishments and paper that you think you will be using.

3. Organization: Once you have planned what items you need, you will need to get them organized. Keep your photos in one place or if you have ideas of which paper and / or embellishments you will use for a layout, put them together in a bag. You may want to invest in a divided paper storage product or perhaps a portable hanging file folder system. Organize your embellishments however you choose (by color, theme or manufacturer). Whatever system works for you so you can find the items you are looking for.

4. Packing: Now the fun part! It is always interesting to how much stuff you can fit into that tote of your! I would suggest a rolling tote …. it is easier on the back. Take care when packing your paper that it does not get damaged. It is best to pack paper and album in the same compartment. If you are bringing ink pads, pack them in an outside pocket or put them in a plastic bag or other container just incase a cover comes off. You may want to invest in a smaller table sized caddy that can hold your scissors, adhesives and other items that you will constantly use.

The day of the crop, make sure you have directions and leave in plenty of time. After you check-in, either select a seat or find your assigned seat, unpack and start to crop. You will find that you get more work done when you have all your scrapbooking items organized!

Source by Jennifer Celeste

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