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Gift Ideas For Second Weddings

Gift Ideas For Second Weddings

When you are invited to attend the wedding of a couple who has previously married, you may be unsure how to handle the wedding gift. Some people wonder if it is even customary to give a gift when it is a second marriage (the answer is yes). Choosing the perfect gift for a couple who already has most of the household basics can definitely require a little extra creativity.

The size of the gift (in other words, the price!) For a second marriage will depend on a few different things. If you are very good friends with the couple, you would probably spend a little more than if they are merely business acquaints. If you attended the first wedding of either the bride or groom andave them a lavish gift on that occasion, you would be excused for wanting to give a less indulgent gift this time around. When in doubt, it would be safe to budget the same amount that you would for a first time wedding. Of course, if you are being informed of the wedding, but not invited to actually attend it, there is no need to send anything beyond your good wishes.

By the time a couple is getting married for the second time, they usually have formed their taste and style pretty clearly, so at least guests can use that as a guideline. Instead of getting them any of the household basics like a toaster (certainly at least one of them will already have one), look for gifts that relate to their hobbies or passions.

A good place to start is by looking for things that are useful, but of a more luxurious quality than a person might buy themselves. For instance, if the bride and groom love to entertain, they probably already have a set of standard barware. But they may not have pieces like a beautiful serving tray or a sterling silver ice bucket. Another idea is one of those gorgeous handpainted platters imported from Italy.

When you are looking for a thoughtful wedding gift for a second time bride and groom, you do not have to limit yourself to household goods. For instance, a couple who loves culture would be thrilled to receive tickets to an opera (opening night, if you can manage it!) Or a gift certificate to the hottest restaurant in town. Another idea would be to enroll them in something like a wine-of-the-month program, so that a new and interesting selection of wine will arrive at their door for the first year of their marriage.

If you know the bride very well, you may choose to give her a special something just for herself. This is an especially nice idea if you are the person that she has asked to stand up with her during the ceremony. Choose something unique, like a piece of handmade wedding jewelry. You could either surprise the bride with a piece of wedding jewelry that she has had her eye on, or have a pair of earrings or a necklace handmade especially for her. This is a wonderful gift for a longtime friend.

Use your knowledge of the bride and groom to help guide you to the perfect wedding gift. Without the need to be practical, as you would for a couple just starting out, there are countless great options available to you. Take some time to look around, and you are sure to come up with a present that both the bride and groom will love.

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