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Have a Budget-Wise Valentine’s Day

Have a Budget-Wise Valentine’s Day

February 14th is looming. Want to declare your love without going into debt? Here are a few budget-friendly Valentines Day gift ideas that’ll have your partner smiling from ear to ear…

Steer clear of swanky restaurants. As well as prices being massively inflated on February 14th, restaurants can be hugely crowded. So, if you live together, how about dining at home or, weather permitting, have a picnic in the great outdoors, wine, cheese, strawberries and all? If you really are set on going out for a meal, you could organise it for another night when prices are cheaper.

Picture perfect. Print and frame a picture of the both of you.Now that’s got to melt the cockles of your partner’s heart, right?

Balloon brilliance.If you haven’t got the funds for costly Valentines Day gifts ideas, increase the impact of a present by attaching it to a balloon. To really knock their socks off, you could even put a small gift or love letter inside it.

Online romance. How about writing something soppy on your partner’s home PC screen saver? It costs nothing, but speaks volumes.

Surprise your valentine. Not by giving expensive gift ideas for Valentines Day, but by doing something unexpected, unforeseen, unanticipated. This might be hiding a love note in their car, writing a chalk message on the doorstep or scribbling a sexy message in lipstick on the bathroom mirror. Ooh la la!

Make something. Got a special skill or ability? Use it. Write your sweetheart a story. Draw them a picture. Bake them a cake. Fix that broken shelf that’s been infuriating your partner for months. Or the washing machine, or even the car. Totally talentless? Then, quite simply, clean the house, the loft, the shed… whatever.

Get musical. If you possess the “musical gene”, write your darling a song, and they’ll be yours forever. If you can’t make music, then make them a compilation of all their favourite songs. Personal and meaningful, this is perhaps one of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas you could ever give.

Make a movie. This might take a while, so make a start a.s.a.p. What could be better than a movie – as cheesy as it might sound – proclaiming your love? It could just be a photo slide show of you and your valentine accompanied by a soundtrack. Next, upload it onto YouTube or burn it onto a DVD and invite your partner over for the movie premiere. Valentines Day gifts like this will long be remembered.

Source by Susie Davids

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