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How To Organize The Perfect Dream Wedding

How To Organize The Perfect Dream Wedding

How To Organize The Perfect Dream Wedding

That day is finally here, he just proposed to you and now, you have to set in motion the beginning of your new life together.

But, what exactly do you have to do to plan the dream wedding of your life?

Now, I know your anxious to do it all alone, but, you can’t do it all alone, you have to get friends and family involved. You have to create a detailed plan for your wedding layout.

Get yourself a binder or a little planner and you and your husband should sit down and plan exactly how much you plan and to spend and exactly what you wish to have in your wedding, it should be very detailed, not leaving out anything.

Next thing to do now, is get family and friends involved, you want to share ideas and make sure you didn’t skip anything, the more people you get involved after creating your draft, the more ideas you can add or make changes to your original plan.

Please do remember to stick to your budget.

It is not your job, to go out there and do anything on the day before, during or after your wedding, a dream wedding means you have to organize every detail and assign someone to do everything.

Many people mess up their wedding due to late planning and by not delegating every task, no matter how small.

You should have one family member take control, or just outsource the whole process, but still assign someone to make sure the caterers delivers on time.

If your planning to have bride maids, make sure everything is planned and arranged months ahead, you don’t want to wait for dresses to be fitted one a couple days before the wedding, the fitting should be done one week ahead, sometime even ten days is better.

You will have to consider the following:

1) Wedding Ceremony

Where will it be held, how much will it cost, who will take care of what, yes assign someone to take care of this part. Your task is to make sure everything is organized.

2) Guests List

Something so simple, but yet so overlooked, will you be using a guest book, assign someone to make sure everyone signs the book, and that there is a pen available. You second list is the one you create together with both sides of the family, that is the list of who you will be inviting. Plan this together, you don’t want Granny getting mad, because you forget to invite some long time friend of the family.

3) Wedding Reception

You have to consider if your having a band, a singer or maybe a DJ. How many people are you catering for, you want everything to be just right. Do this one correct, it is the one most overlooked.

4) Organize The Venue

Yes, make sure you know who will be adding the flowers and decorations. Make it a point that it will be done a day ahead of the ceremony, that way you can make any changes if needed.

5) Date Of The Wedding

You won’t believe how many people fail to plan a date that will fit within the planned schedule for getting organizing their wedding.

Plan way ahead, and get invitations and stationary order in advance, that should be the first thing you organize.

6) Your Dream Wedding Cake

Make sure to do this part yourself, go out and find your dream wedding cake maker and go over every detail that you wish this cake to have.

Please state the time and date that you would like this cake to be delivered. The cake should be the last thing going to the venue.

7) Please do enjoy your wedding day

Try to keep out of each others way, should you not agree with something, please have considerations for each other, your planning the dream wedding of your life. No need, to get mad on your wedding day.

I wish you both, a long lasting life together, may you enjoy a dream wedding fit for a king and a queen.

Source by Alexander Marlin

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